They Made It From The Bottom To The Top: 15 Celebs Who Got Their Start Serving Fast Food

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Not all celebrities are born into a famous family, and not all of them got their break as soon as they came of age. Instead, like many of us, there are some celebs who had some pretty common jobs that they had to work in order to make ends meet — since the money wasn’t rolling in right off the bat and for these 15 celebs that common job was working at a fast food restaurant.

Queen Latifah

While growing up in New Jersey, at the age of 15, Queen Latifah found herself working her first job at Burger King. Just three years later, Queen Latifah was beat boxing for the group Ladies Fresh. Her big break came in 1988 when Dante Ross heard a demo tape of her song, Princess of the Posse. Since then her career as a Hollywood star has grown and grown.

Brad Pitt

Even though Brad Pitt wasn’t flipping burgers or taking orders, he had his own special position at the fast food restaurant El Pollo Loco. He was pretty much the human billboard and everyday he’d dress up in the restaurant’s chicken suit to advertise and attract customers. During his younger years, Brad was also a limo chauffeur.

Gwen Stefani

Even though some celebs may be a bit hesitant to admit to having to work a fast food job, Gwen Stefani should have no regrets! When she was younger, Gwen landed a job at Dairy Queen serving ice cream and other desserts. However, while working this job, Gwen started the band No Doubt, which included some of her co-workers.

Russell Simmons

While living in Greenwich Village, New York, Russell Simmons worked at Orange Julius, a position he got thanks to his dad. To this day, this stands as the only 9-to-5 job that Russell has ever had to work, which is no surprise since he’s rose to fame. Nowadays Russell is a world-renowned producer.

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria worked at Wendy’s in Corpus Christi, TX, for six years. With all of the money that she earned, Eva decided to pay for the costs associated with being a cheerleader as well as to pay for her own quinceanera. Money definitely isn’t an issue for Eva these days as she’s become a top actress in Hollywood.

President Obama

During his early teenage years, President Obama was an ice cream scooper at Baskin-Robbins. He’s admitted that having this job for the amount of time that he did caused him to lose a taste and interest in ice cream. At the same time, Obama has also credited the job for teaching him the importance of staying calm under pressure.


Before making it big, Pink worked at a McDonald’s located in Doylestown, PA. Apparently she didn’t have such a great experience with this job as she’s often expressed that she sometimes has nightmares that she is back to working that position. McDonald’s was her launching point and she is now a well-known artist and she’s even a mom.


During her younger years and well before she hit it big, Madonna landed a job at Dunkin’ Donuts. However, she was fired after she squirted some of the donut jelly on customers. Thankfully her bad job experience at DD didn’t ruin her chance at huge success and fame.


At the ripe age of 17, Seal had a job at McDonald’s cleaning the lobby. With such a dull and tedious job, it’s no surprise that Seal only worked there for two weeks, the cut off for earning a check. Seal wouldn’t get his Hollywood break until almost 10 years later, when he was signed by producer Adamski for his song “Killer,” which became a hit in 1991.

Star Jones

Before she became a student at American University and long before she ever became a talk show host, Star Jones worked as a fry cook at McDonald’s. Her work ethic even got her promoted to the job of cashier. Nowadays she’s well out of the fast food job sector, working as a co-host on the show The View.

Rachel McAdams

Before she became a Hollywood actress, Rachel McAdams spent plenty of hours working at McDonald’s since her job as a kids’ theater director just wasn’t paying the bills. She was given the role of a cashier and held that job for three years, despite admitting that she wasn’t the best employee. She said she didn’t give 110% to the job and even broke the orange juice machine.

Macy Gray

Macy Gray can definitely thank McDonald’s for helping her rise to fame. During her teenage years, Macy Gray working at the fast food chain doing various jobs. However, once she graduated from college in 1996, McDonald’s choose her to star in a promotional commercial for them. This was her first big break and three years later she released her first studio album.


Shania Twain

Before she became a well-known country and pop star, Shania Twain worked at a McDonald’s located in Ontario, Canada, her home town. In an interview, she’s stated that she never had a bad day while working there and that she really enjoyed it and that she learned the importance of customer service. Apparently working at McDonald’s in Canada isn’t so bad!

Amy Adams

After graduating from high school, Amy Adams needed a car, desperately, because she was sick of having to take the bus to get around. To make some quick cash, she decided to work at Hooters. However, she only worked the job for about three as she hated wearing the short-shorts and hated even more having to wear them on the bus ride to work. Amy decided that being a greeter at Gap was much more suitable for her.

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes didn’t work at Burger King or McDonald’s, but instead landed herself a job at Hot Dog on a Stick, a fast food restaurant that served hot dogs at Glendale Galleria Mall. Her she served hot dogs and lemonade and made only $4.25 an hour doing it. She worked there until she got her first big break.

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