Murder, Disrespect & Manipulation: The Best Moments From Scandal’s “WTF” Episode

February 15, 2013  |  

After last week’s Game Changing episode, it was clear that Olivia Pope and friends would have to come back with a bang to keep the attention of the gladiators. Last night’s show, titled “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot,” or WTF in military speak, did not disappoint. With one of the steamiest sex scenes network television has ever seen, shocking character developments and alarming revelations, at 11 o clock, when the ending credits rolled, I found myself exhausted. Shonda had taken me through the muddy trenches.

In case the warp speed of dialogue and action left you playing catch-up last night, check out some of the more memorable moments from last night’s episode.

Last night’s episode picked up 10 months after last week’s, with Olivia swimming. Physically, she was in the pool but mentally her mind was still on Fitz, even though the two have been out of contact for almost a year.

David Rosen

Then there’s a camera flash and we’re in David Rosen’s apartment. He wakes up to find the woman he had sex with the night before has been stabbed to death. And then as if on cue, the police show up at his door, claiming that they’ve received calls reporting a domestic violence dispute. David manages to send them away before he goes back to his bedroom. It’s clear he’s been set up. There’s blood everywhere and naturally the only person who can help him is Olivia. So, David reaches out again. In the past ten months, David has been living the struggle life. He’s been fired. No one will hire him, he’s taken an unfulfilling teaching position and at an extremely low point, we find out that David’s grandmother has had to pay his rent at one point. Given he and Olivia’s past, it’s not surprising that he doesn’t trust her. At one point, he told Olivia he didn’t need her services anymore and asked how much he owed her for the work she’d done so far. She told him, in a very keep it real, throw shade moment that he couldn’t afford her. Yikes.


It’s clear that Fitz hasn’t gotten over the betrayal of his mistress, wife and closest advisors and the realization that the American people didn’t really elect him to be president. He’s taken to drinking in the shower, proving that the stress of the past few months has turned him into an alcoholic. Though he ran back to Mellie in the last episode; in this one, he seems to be completely over her again. As our Deputy Editor tweeted, when your man is not even interested in a BJ… Not a good look.

Now, onto his other chick. After the christening of Cyrus and James’ baby girl, Fitz and Olivia see each other for the first time in almost a year. The attraction is palpable and everyone around can see they still have feelings for each other. After Cyrus and James toast it up, Olivia makes a beeline for the door but Fitz is hot on her trail. Literally. He grabs her up, pushes her in a closet. She smacks him. She kisses him. And then he gave her the “D” in the control room. It sounds quick and dirty because that’s exactly what it was. Passionate, angry, I-wanna-hurt-you-so-good sex. And then in the most disgusting moment of the entire series, Fitz told her that they’d just made a mistake. I’m sorry, I was rooting for Fitz and Olivia. But the blatant, utter disrespect after he hit it and quit it in the closet was just too much for me. I’m over him and his alcoholism.

We saw him snap again when Mellie tried to fellate him in the shower again. He completely snapped, yelling and shaking her a little bit. As manipulative and unlikeable as Mellie is, I felt bad for her. Fitz is doing too much these days. And I’m waiting for Shonda to write a therapist into the script.

Is Quinn the new Huck?

Meanwhile, in their handling of the David Rosen situation, Quinn and Huck are examining the body in David’s bed. Huck tells Quinn that they need fresh, blood stains on the wall, so Quinn will need to stab Wendy, the dead girl again. After a few instructions, Quinn does it and Huck tells her she’s a natural. The look of sheer pride on Quinn’s face is a bit alarming. We don’t need anyone else on the show addicted to killing.

This New Dude

And then lastly, Olivia’s emotional rollercoaster has her missing the signs. The residual feelings she has for Fitz have her in such a daze, she can’t see that this new man, Jake Weston, is a creep. Had Olivia been on her game, she would have noticed that the coincidental meeting at the Pentagon wasn’t a chance run in. As the show ended, we see that Weston has cameras set up in Olivia’s apartment. If she starts discussing her work in her place, he could present a huge problem.


What did you think about last night’s episode? Are you still rooting for Fitz and Olivia?

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