‘He Crossed The Line:’ Alleged Mother Of Future’s Infant Son Discusses Him Cursing Out Her Mom And Beef With Ciara

February 15, 2013  |  

Brittni Mealy, model, business owner and alleged mother of rapper Future’s 2-month-old son recently sat down with the YBF to discuss the difficult time that  the rapper has given her since he signed his record deal, in addition to his refusal to assist in the co-parenting of their son. During her interview, she also revealed some rather interesting details about the rapper, including how he disconnects from his babies’ mothers after the child is born and why she thinks Ciara should watch her back. Check out some of what she had to say.

On Future turning into a different person after he got signed:

 “I even remember the day he got signed, he called so excited and said “Bae my dream just came true!” But, of course, his dream became my nightmare. With his success, came the lies, the cheating, the deceit. He stopped coming home every night. The more successful he got, the more comfortable he was with mistreating me and disrespecting our home. I even found out he had another family 4 miles away on the same street we had moved on! I didn’t end the relationship when I found out, because I was in too deep in love and he promised he was getting rid of the other “situation” as he called it…when the time was right. ”

“I know the real “him”, the part she [Ciara]  doesn’t know. They are just “honeymooning” right now. Everything always seems perfect in the beginning.”

On Future fathering 3 children by 3 different women:

“I knew about his kids, he has never disowned any of them. But, I do think 3 kids by 3 different women is a pattern of some sort. He obviously loves the mothers, but something about adding a kid to the equation changes things for him.”

On being able to support her son on her own:

“Yes, I am perfectly capable of taking care of my son by myself but, why should I have to?? He is OUR son and Future should do his part! We were together when we conceived our child. And, although we aren’t now, I feel like we can co-parent, live our lives apart and take care of our child without there being any “BEEF”.”

On Future cursing out her mother:

“He made a phone call to my mom (obviously feeling like he can still control what I do, even though we are not together anymore ). My mom has always been kind to him and usually defends him. Because, I refused to speak to him…he proceeded to curse at my mother and call her out of her name! I was upset and emotional because, I am raising our newborn son and he has stopped assisting me with his care and now, he thinks he can disrespect my mother. It was too much. My son and my mother are dear to me. And, he crossed the line. We simply don’t deserve to be treated that way. “

On subliminal Twitter “beef” with Ciara:

“No! No twitter beef!  I tweeted two words HAS BEEN and the world and the media took it and ran with it! Apparently, they wanted to associate her with being a has been. That is NOT what I said. I think she subliminally replied, feeding into their negative energy. I stopped tweeting because, I don’t have the time or energy to entertain an imaginary “beef”. Bye to all that!”


What is your take on all of this?


Jazmine Denise is a news writer for Madame Noire. Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise.


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