True Life: My Best…Or Worst Valentine’s Day Was…

February 15, 2013  |  
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HonesTEE: My ex gave me a single rose out of a bouquet that he gave to a girl i went to school with #TrueLife. When I asked her why she only had 11 roses and where she got them from… we put two and two together that day.

Lisa: Getting nothing, not even a “Happy Valentines Day Hunny”…Nothing and then he wants to say, “Oh, you know I love you”, “Hey! Why are you mad?!”

Nikki: Best Valentines Day was actually when I was single. Me and about 10 other friends guys and girls decided to go to blockheads and celebrate together. We got drunk and had the best laughs, ate well and got pictures taken so now anytime we go there they have the pics up of our best Vday ever

Danielle: TODAY!! Great. I’m single but tulips from my mother on yesterday. Then today it was a surprise of two dozen roses, chocolate and a bear from my close male friend in Germany. Totally surprised me & he professed his love for me. Whoa

Gina: My ex and I were on our way to dinner and we got pulled over by a cop..needless to say, I spent my Valentine’s Day trying to bail the idiot out of jail

Darla: They have all been horrible which is why I don’t celebrate it and I am currently wearing all black from head to toe in protest. Even the Vdays when Ive been in a relationship have been the pits those were actually the worse lol. Its just another day and since I still love chocolate I will be in line at the grocery store on the 15th to get some at 50% off.

Linda: My best was the year my son was born and his father sent 2 set of arrangements to me, 1 from him and 1 from the baby.

Remonia: Me and my three babies had a candlelight dinner, I gave them bubble baths. Then we had chocolate and drinks while relaxing watching a movie …

Takara: Best was in Miami on South Beach and I was single!

Taunalynn: My boyfriend at the time left me a handwritten original poem on my dorm-room door.

Yuroba: Never had a bad one, only because I’ve been with my husband since I was 19 and we always have fun (no big gifts or anything, just a good dinner at home with a little chocolate and booze and booty) Best one ever: 1997, we told his parents we were expecting their first grandbaby in September

Te’Michelle: He had a basket made for me with huge chocolate covered strawberries, stuffed animals, rose-shaped floating candles, champagne w/ glasses, and perfume.

He got a hotel room and we had dinner, and took a bath and ate the strawberries & drank the champagne.

We went to sleep, and he woke to find my head in the toilet puking my brains out.

He moved towards me to help and stepped in my urine.


Happy V Day.

Camille: My worst Valentines was when my ex took me out to Subway inside of a Walmart store!

Michelle: The Best was when he tried to cook for me. Hilarious, it was terrible but he made me laugh. Most beautiful night of my life.

Kim: Today for me. We took the day off…slept in. …had some adult fun……got made some chicken souce in bed…..more adult fun…..lunch and wine on the patio. …..more adult fun now having dinner prepared on the bbq……gave up a night of love at Graycliff for this…oh and my gift to my baby was a love letter. And after dinner MORE adult fun♥♥♥

Yolanda: My worst.. Was when I had to leave my boyfriend and go out of town to my brother’s wedding who was married on Valentine’s day.So i was without my BABE..

Lakisha: I once had a guy I had been seeing for 4 months (daily) call me at 12am on vday to tell me he now had a girl friend. His exact words were ” I was calling to tell you im booed up now. Im sorry.” Im certain it was in retaliation to something i didnt know i did. He was so sensitive!! Anyway, I was very upset so i called my best guy friend and told him what happened. He came to the rescue and spent the day with me. We had a lonlely spinster vday together which ended in us starting to date. Its our 3yr anniversary today!

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