Be About That Fitness Life: 14 Ways To Stick To Your Workout

February 15, 2013  |  
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If only all it took was one, good, long workout a year to meet our fitness goals… well, we’d all be on board for that! Unfortunately, our bodies demand we work at getting it right and tight day in and day out if we ever want to see those abs—and keep them — for that matter. Incorporating anything new into your daily life takes lots of discipline and we’ve got a few tricks to at least get you on your way to summer time fine — and stay there. Check ’em out.

Sign up for a marathon far in advance

Once you’ve paid for the entrance fee, the airfare and the hotel room, you know you’ll feel frustrated if you don’t bring your all to that marathon. So go ahead: guilt your self into working out.

Bet on it

Choose someone you can’t really stand —  a co-worker always on your case or an annoying neighbor — and challenge them. The first one to drop the goal weight owes the other money or a favor. Make sure it’s something you really don’t want to do, and a person you really can’t stand! Your ego can’t handle losing that bet.

Link your workouts to your health

Forget body image for a second, or the number on that scale. Check your cholesterol and set a goal number for that. When that number you’re checking regularly reflects your risk of a heart attack, instead of just a measly risk of not fitting into your skinny jeans, you become much more serious about your workouts.


Constantly renew your workout buddies

At first it helps to have a workout buddy. You feel double responsible for showing up. But when you become comfortable with that person, you become comfortable sending that, “Not going to make it today…” text. Constantly renew your workout buddy so it’s someone you want to make a good impression on.

Join a fitness online community

There are hundreds of online communities dedicated to keeping people inspired and motivated. Each person, once signed up, is usually expected to post his/her progress/workouts/diet every day. This one works on the pure principle of curiosity because admit it: you like to see how everyone else is succeeding/not succeeding. But you have to post too if you want to get the gossip!


Make exercise your alone time

You probably struggle to get just one hour of alone time every day, right? Someone is always calling you and your obligations are always tugging at you. But people will be on board with this: say that if they give you just one hour to yourself a day, you’ll dedicate it to exercise. Now everyone’s watching you. They’ll notice if you spend that hour watching TV!


Make an adrenaline mix

Studies have found that people who workout while listening to their favorite, pumped up music workout longer and more intensely. Think about it: what songs, when played at a club, always make you dance? You just can’t keep one nerve in your body still when they come on. Have those songs handy at the gym!

Start with your least favorite exercises

If you force yourself to complete your least favorite exercises first, you’ll be grateful for the easier ones. Whereas before, dread built up during your workouts as you advanced into harder and harder workouts, now it’s an activity that progressively gets more enjoyable.

Find a workout you enjoy

The top mistake people who fall off their workout routine make is to believe working out has to be a miserable experience. They think they’ll feel most proud of themselves if they do the most tedious, challenging kinds of exercises. But this usually just makes you quit working out all together. You’re not weak for sticking to the exercises you enjoy. You’re smart.

Facebook your workouts

Start a routine of posting daily about your workouts, and even photos of your body transformation if you’re comfortable with it. Generally friends love these types of posts and will comment and “like” by the dozens! That will make you want to keep working out so you can keep posting and keep getting that attention.

Buy a year’s worth of healthy foods

Whether it’s a protein shake, energy bar or frozen filet mignon—whatever food you believe helps you stay energized to workout, buy a year’s supply of it (if it stores well). Seeing that, taking up room in your kitchen, reminding you of all the money you spent on it, will motivate you.

Blackmail yourself

Take a photo of yourself in a bathing suit. Email that photo to a good-humored friend who is into tough love. Say to them, “If I don’t send you a new photo with acceptable results in X amount of time, post this photo to Then post that link to Facebook for everyone I know to see it and vote.”

Workout first thing in the morning

If you wait until after work, it’s too easy to use the excuse, “I already did so much today. I deserve to rest.” But first thing in the morning, you’ve accomplished nothing yet. Plus you’ll get addicted to the extra energy that morning workout gives you throughout the day.

Find a gym near something else you love

Purposefully sign up at a gym next to something else you really enjoy: maybe a music school where you like to sit and hear students play piano, or a park with lots of adorable puppies running around. Since you have to drag yourself over to the gym already to be near your favorite little spot, you’ll be more inclined to workout once you’re there.

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