Moms Be Knowin’: Times You Wished Your Mom Wasn’t Right

February 6, 2013  |  
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For most people, when you’re a kid, you take everything your parents say, especially your mother, as gospel. But sometime around puberty, you start thinking that you’ve seen and experienced it all. That you know what you’re talking about. So you become less likely to take the words of your mother to heart…and in most cases, you probably should have listened.

That boy she told you to leave alone

Might as well get the most obvious one out of the way first. We all had that little rusty behind boy or man who was always sniffing around. You thought you were going to marry dude but your mother saw something in him that was not right. And being that she was so concerned about your well-being, she told you to let him go. But when you’re young and naïve, you swear you’re an excellent judge of character. But lo and behold the man-boy your mother warned you about turned out to be just who she said he was. Had you left him alone when she told you to, you could have saved yourself a lot of heartache.

 Put some more clothes on…

…so you don’t catch pneumonia. Sometimes when you’re trying to step out and be cute, the outfit simply doesn’t call for a scarf, or a winter coat even.  Just as you’re about to head out the door, looking fly than a mug, your mother asks you, as only she can, “You’re going out like that?!” You tell her yes and that’s when she goes in, telling you that you don’t have enough clothes on. But you’re on your way out and you ignore her warning and head out without a coat. Cut to you a week later, laid up in bed, feverish. And even though she tried to tell you, she’ll be the person dutifully nursing you back to health.

Always save for a rainy day

When we finally get a little job, a little money in our pocket, it’s not uncommon to want to ball out immediately. We’re buying shoes and handbags, going out to dinner and even taking trips on a whim. While the glamorous life might have been fun while it lasted, mom wants us to make a conscious effort to start saving. For a rainy day, for retirement, for whatever life may throw your way. But you don’t hear her. Instead you keep spending. And then suddenly, your car breaks down, you lose your job or you need to have dental work done and your don’t have insurance. Now, you have to beg your mother to sponsor you through this hard time.

Don’t rush to get grown

When I was young, I couldn’t wait to start my period because it would mean that I was officially a woman.  But my mom tried to tell me that it wasn’t all that I thought it was cracked up to be. I took it to mean that she wasn’t ready for her firstborn to grow up. What I didn’t realize was that my period was going to be accompanied by exceptionally painful cramps, bloating and unexplainable mood swings.

Beware of the company you keep

You know what they say, birds of a feather flock together. So when you’re running around with the neighborhood thug, don’t be surprised if your mother suggests you reevaluate that friendship. Just like with your no-good boyfriend, you swear you know what you’re doing. But all it takes is one minor run in with the law before you realize, maybe my friend and I aren’t exactly traveling on the same path.

Putting things in safe places

Your mom told you to put your Christmas money, your passport or social security card in a safe spot. And you had every intention of doing so. It just slipped your mind. And now that you need it, it’s nowhere to be found. The tripped up thing about your valuables being lost, is that eventually you’re going to have to tell your mom–  or she’ll miraculously find out—about your irresponsibility.

 Not depending on anyone else—especially a man

If you so happen to find a man who makes more money than you, it’s easy to start to slack up on your grind. You start focusing less and less on your career goals and comfortably settle into a life of luxury, despite the fact that your mother always stressed the importance of having your own. Whether the relationship goes sour or not, you’ll want to have your own resources. As a grown woman, asking another adult, a man, for an allowance is not exactly empowering.

Experience living on your own—don’t wait for milestones

As women, it’s easy to constantly be thinking about the biological clock ticking in your head. I’m 27. Should I be married right now? Should I wait until I’m married to buy this house? Should I be more focused on my career or on my family? Don’t stress yourself, young grasshopper. Life is unpredictable. Chances are the plans you make aren’t going to go down just as you envisioned, so just enjoy the ride and don’t miss out on important experiences because you’re waiting for certain milestones.

If they gossip with you, they’ll gossip about you

Let’s be real, gossip is juicy, it’s fun to discuss and analyze other people’s lives. But gossip is not limited to just a select group of people. If your mother wasn’t a heavy gossiper herself, she’ll truthfully let you know that if people gossip with you, they’ll gossip about you if they ever get a juicy piece of information.  It’s all fun and games to discuss other people’s business, but when it’s you, the jokes stop being funny.

Which words of wisdom did your mother impart that you didn’t necessarily believe at first?


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