Star Jones Says Oliva Pope Is A Slore: “Scandal,” Good Brothas & Morality…Again

January 31, 2013  |  

Another week, another “Scandal” controversy. This week, Star Jones, who’s known for her strong, often unpopular, opinions is the latest to tweet out. Here’s what she had to say.

Wooo Star! Why she gotta be all that though?! I mean, I get it. Olivia Pope has made some terrible decisions in her personal and professional life. Though she is making moves and acquitting the innocent and convicting the guilty, she is nowhere near blameless in all of this. She’s slept, past tense, with the president, a married man. She’s constantly dealing dirt with shady people (murderers, spies and what not) and she rigged an election, all for the greater good. It’s really not okay. But even still I always bristle at one woman calling another a slore, even if that woman is a fictional character. Any one of us could be a slore by someone else’s standards. But all of Olivia’s whorish ways are in the past. As far as we know, present day Olivia has yet to sleep with Fitz. But that’s semantics.

Just this past week, a woman I went to college with wrote this extensive piece as to why she can no longer support “Scandal” with her viewership, despite the fact that she initially found the show very entertaining. She said that the more she watched it, the more she felt like she was being convicted by the Holy Spirit to let it go. She increasingly felt the story line glorified adultery. After reading her piece, I couldn’t argue with that. In fact, I even agreed that there are forms of media I consume that I need to be more cognizant of. You are what you ingest. If God convicts you to stop doing something, then by all means, don’t disobey him.

I just haven’t received that message from God. To me, watching the show, it’s quite obvious that both Olivia and Fitz are suffering because of their extramarital affair. At the end of the night she goes to bed alone, drinking wine and eating popcorn. (Has anyone ever seen her eat on the show?) He’s stuck in a loveless, emotionally draining marriage and they both have to publicly live a lie, day in and day out. I don’t know about you; but that is, in no way, the new hotness. It’s messy and honestly a really great reason why you shouldn’t mess with someone else’s husband, no matter how unhappy he is with his wife.

And maybe it’s just me, but I cannot get with Star’s rationale for Olivia getting together with Edison. Yeah, he’s a successful brotha; but he also threatened her and called her a slore! I know he wants to be with her and they have history together but that’s not love, Star! Even if Oliva decides to wash her hands of Fitz altogether and do better, certainly Edison isn’t the best option. Who calls a woman a slore and then proposes to her? No sir. If these two got married, something tells me, the next scandal the gladiators take on, will have something to do with Olivia being slapped around at home. And lawd knows we don’t need Huck to have to kill anyone else.

No, there is no way I could argue that “Scandal” and its characters are beacons of light. No one is completely “good” on this show. But at the end of the day, it’s not too different from the world we live in ourselves. No one is out here living a completely righteous life. We, women, despite success in our careers, often pick men who are no good for us. We’ve all collected a little dirt along the way. In fact, Kerry Washington told Oprah, that’s what drew her to the character. To paraphrase, she said there was a time when black women were only portrayed as wanton and loose, subservient and dimwitted, with plenty of attitude. Then there were the “Julias” and the “Clair Huxtables,” where black women were perfect, flawless in life and love. And now, black women are finally able to accept roles where we can play the human dichotomy realistically. Where good and evil can exist in one person. Hypocrisies and all. You know, the way life really works.

I can understand if you want to argue about “Scandal” on Twitter–mentioning both the actress, creator and network– or on other places on the internet (hence the reason for this post), because at the end of the day it’s a work of fiction. A television show, it’s supposed to inspire questions and debates. But if it starts to really challenge and conflict with the beliefs you hold dear, in a way that you feel is detrimental to your character, there’s always the option to do like my friend from school and turn the tv off.

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