Where Are They Now? From Zion To Hailie Jade, The Cute Kids Of Celebrities That Are All Grown Up

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When these kids were little, their parents crooned and rapped about them, put them in music videos, took them from place to place on their hip, and in a way, watching them grow up has been like watching someone you personally know age and mature, and it makes us think…dang we’re getting old! Once cute ’90s babies, these famous kids are teenagers or adults trying to find their own way in the world. Some under the radar, some hoping to make it in the entertainment business like their parents. So what are they looking like after all these years?

Zion Marley

While Lauryn Hill talked about him very often, even dedicating a song to him on her masterful solo effort, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, called “To Zion,” Zion David Marley was a child we really didn’t get to see all that much. Once again, LBoogie came from a time before celebs were posting proud pics of their children online, so Zion had the benefit of growing up outside of all that spotlight. Well, that was until Wyclef decided to publicly claim that Lauryn made him think Zion was HIS son. Today, Zion David Marley is 15 and is the elder brother to Selah, Joshua, John, Sarah, and Lauryn’s last born son from another relationship, Micah. Who does he resemble most to you?

Hailie Jade Mathers

As crazy as Eminem talked about EVERYBODY back in the day, including his mother and his on-and-off ex-wife Kim, he’s had nothing but love for his daughter Hailie. She’s even been featured on some of his songs over the years. But these days, the little lady is all grown up, and at 17, she has even shown that she has a colorful way with words like her pop, which she allegedly showcased after being upset that Taylor Swift was dating One Direction singer Harry Styles (the jury is still out on whether or not the Twitter account belonged to her):

“If Taylor Swift is really dating the love of my life Harry Styles I will not be happy! Dear Taylor Swift, please stop wh**ing around with every guy you see. We all know you’re only doing it so you can make another album . . . I am never, ever, ever, listening to your music again Taylor Swift. Like ever.”

Oh, teenage girls. But either way, she’s grown up to be a very pretty lady and we know her dad will continue be mad protective of her. Thirsty dudes beware.


Blanket, aka, Prince Michael Jackson II

The first time we were introduced to this little guy, our favorite pop star was dangling him over a balcony to introduce him to thirsty press and stans in Berlin. But despite the confusion and controversy of that initial introduction to the world, Michael Jackson was very protective of his youngest child, then called “Blanket” for the blanket he wore covered over his face. But we had the chance to Blanket’s face, as well as Prince and Paris’ faces, at the funeral of Jackson, and at the time, he was just seven. An innocent little thing with long hair covering his face and a MJ doll in his little hands. But today, “Blanket,” or Prince Michael Jackson II, is about 11 years old. And while his brother and sister, Prince and Paris, seem excited about getting out in the public eye and seeking fame soon enough, Blanket is more reserved and busy still trying to be a kid. Flowing hair down his back and all.

India Benet

Born in ’91, India Benet is the first child of singer Eric Benet, and after the death of her mother in 1993, Eric worked hard to be a good single father to his baby girl. He succeeded in that, and the two to this day have a very close relationship. At 21, India is a grown up gal trying to make her mark in the industry like her dad. She’s even collaborated with her pop for a duet called “Muzick” that was on his last album, The One. Homegirl can also be seen on YouTube sangin, so not only is she talented, but she’s obviously a beauty.

Trey Smith, aka, Willard Christopher Smith III

While Willow and Jaden have always been front and center, taking on acting roles and dropping singles, Trey has always kept his life very chill. He played football, he quietly went to school, and from time to time, he might pop up in a video with his dad (remember “Just The Two Of Us”?) or go to a red carpet event with the fam, but he’s always hung out in the background. Nowadays, Trey is 20 and coming out of his quiet life, trying his hand at being a successful DJ. Call him DJ AcE, and of course his family thoroughly supports him in this new endeavor. He even made a track with Willow and Jaden that wasn’t too bad, called “Find You Somewhere.”

Corinne Bishop

Jamie Foxx first brought his gorgeous daughter into the public eye around the time that he was racking up awards and notoriety as a Hollywood A-lister when he did Ray. Smiling alongside her dad at red carpet events, she was proud, she was a cutie patootie, and she was young. But these days, Bishop is 18, she’s finished high school and she’s been trying her hand at a different part of the entertainment world–modeling. But no worries, she’s taking her education seriously at the same time, as word on the street is that she’s currently studying at UCLA.

Ava Dash

Remember this little cute face that used to be the image that showcased all the adorable Rocawear Kids clothing back in the day? Little Ava Dash was of course repping for her dad, Damon Dash, while baring a striking resemblance to her mom, designer Rachel Roy. She, like all the kids on this list, has grown up fast and just turned 13 last month. She can be seen traveling and hitting red carpets with her fabulous mom, as well as being a great big sister to her baby sis, 4-year-old Tallulah. Both are of course the children Dash and Roy share together.

Christopher Wallace Jr. and T’yanna Wallace

She’s the little girl who he said in “Juicy” he was hustlin’ to support, and he’s the heir to BIG’s legacy who is following in his footsteps as a lyricist. Both had very little time to be with their iconic father. Chris was less than a year old when his father was killed and T’yanna was three, but now he’s 16 and she is 19. Chris, or CeeJay, is trying his hand at rapping, even doing so with his brother Josh (aka, “Jahad”), Faith Evans’s son. And T’yanna is a student studying at Penn State, still showing love to her father’s legacy with tattoos dedicated to him, including one on the inside of her lip.

Destiny Jones

Back in the day, Nas would give you glimpses of his little lady when pics would pop up of the rapper with his daughter at birthday parties, or even when he would rhyme about her in songs like “Me and You (Dedicated to Destiny).” But Nas got a big shock as a father when his little lady, now 18, was caught posting pictures not too long ago on Instagram of a box in her room filled with condoms, and a white Benz she received that she named after a famous white drug. Wanting to speak his mind on the perils of parenting and his hopes for Destiny, Nas wrote “Daughters” about her, and even had Destiny make a cameo in the video. She’s definitely all grown up, but for the sake of herself and not giving her daddy a heart attack, we hope she’ll keep some aspects of her teenage life on the low low.

Marquis Jackson

Wow! I think we can all say that Marquis Jackson is a spitting image of his dad. When we first laid eyes on him, he was rocking G-Unit clothes and looking tough with his pops at the peak of his career (which came quick in the early 2000s). Now 15, he’s grown even more into his looks and can easily be mistaken for a young Fiddy. He’s even got his dad’s personality, flashing money on social media and making the same exact faces. It really is crazy how time flies by with these kids.

Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon

I had to include Madonna’s little lady, because she’s literally had this child out and about and exposed since she came out the womb with her curly hair and unibrow (it was cute though!). And since then, she’s been by her famous mother’s side, looking like a younger version of her with a head full of dark hair. Now at 16, Lourdes has been getting serious about her fashion ish. Not only was she working in the wardrobe department on her mother’s MDNA tour, but she also had a hand in helping to design the “Material Girl” clothing line with her mom that was sold at Macy’s. Don’t think she’s sitting around collecting checks boo, Lourdes is paying her dues and is sure to be a big name in the fashion industry in years to come.


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