It’s Handled: 9 Things We Love About ‘Scandal’

February 7, 2013  |  
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Can’t wait for the next episode of “Scandal” to air? Like you, we can’t get enough of ABC’s hit show — which just so happens to air tonight at 10 pm — either. For those who haven’t yet come into the fold, or the other people who just want to ravish in all things Scandalicious, check out a few of the things we absolutely love about watching the show.

Olivia’s Style

Her suits are impeccable, her coats are fly, and she always has on the perfect accessories to go with any outfit. Check out what actress Kerry Washington had to say about Olivia Pope’s wardrobe in the clip below.

Olivia and President Grant’s Romance

We know their relationships is so wrong, considering the president is married, but we can’t take our eyes off of them. The chemistry between Kerry Washington and co-star Tony Goldwyn might just be too hot for TV.

Twitter Goes Crazy

There is something about a show that you know every time it comes on, it will take over Twitter— literally. Just log onto Twitter Thursday nights and see how many of the hashtags belong to “Scandal.”

Expect the Unexpected

When watching “Scandal,” we all think we’ve got it figured out, and then something dramatic happens and we realize we didn’t have a clue. How many people thought they knew who shot President Fitzgerald, but were surprised to find out Huck was set-up? And who was completely shocked when the group of ex-CIA agents shot the snitch at the table?


As scary as it may be, it’s something about the fact that you know Huck can take almost anyone out the game and get away with it.  He can hack any program and get rid of any body. Is there anything this man can’t do?

The Secrets

In one episode it came out President Grant’s father was a cheater. In another, we saw the detailed plan Olivia, the first lady, and others hatched to rig the election in Defiance, Ohio.  What about Doyle Energy, what will happen when the secrets are finally exposed?

Columbus Short

This is one fine gladiator in a suit, and true ride or die friend to Olivia— enough said.

Pope & Associates

Pope & Associates can clean up any mess— from spying and discarding evidence at a crime scene to a well-oiled PR machine – if you’re in trouble, they can fix it. We wonder how much their retainer fee would be? We hear the real life fixer Judy Smith is pretty expensive.

The Politics

Am I the only who watches “Scandal,” and wonders to myself— is this really how our country is ran? Between Sally Langston taking over the presidency in less than 24 hours after Fitz is shot, or the government spying on its citizens, and everyone in politics sleeping together. It’s no wonder any work actually gets done. As stated best in the autobiography of  Malcolm X, “that’s too much power for one man to have.”

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