Can’t Decide If He’s A Hit Or Miss? Check These Signs He’s Worthy Of A Second Date

February 4, 2013  |  
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When it comes to the dating scene, you’ll find that there are certain guys you hit it off with right away, and then there are those dates that you’d love to just erase from your mind completely. Let’s say you’ve gone on this one date recently and you’re completely stuck as to what to do next. You like him but you aren’t sure if he’s worth a second date or if it’s best to just move on to another guy. Here are 14 behaviors to check for if you’re trying to figure out if you two should have another go ’round.

He put some effort into his appearance

Some guys you just know ran out of the house without giving a damn what they look like. You don’t want those. You want a guy who looks well put together and looks like he put some time and effort into choosing an appropriate outfit and overall appearance. Don’t go for a guy that looks like he just rolled out of bed.

He listens when you talk

Though you may not get into extremely deep convo on the first date, you’ll want to make note if your guy listens and cares when you talk. If you share something that’s personal and important, make sure he’s listening. If he listens and genuinely seems interested, definitely set up another date.

He respects your personal space

On the first date, you don’t want a guy being all touchy feely or trying to start a make-out session. If the guy you went on a date with didn’t seem overly physical, it’s a good sign that he respects your personal space. He wasn’t hugging all up on you or insisting that he sits right up against you during dinner.

He let you pick the date

Though a date should be a mutual decision, if the guy asked you what would most interest you before setting up a date, it shows that he wants to please you. A guy that asks what movie you want to see or what restaurant will hit your fancy is definitely a good one. He wants to make sure that the date is interesting and suitable for you.

He’s on time

Being late for a date is never cool, especially if it’s the first date. A guy that is on-time is clearly punctual and has set out more than enough time to make sure that he’s available when he said he would be. A guy who arrives late to meet you is a no-go for a second date.

He pays for the date without hesitation

Going dutch seems to be one of the latest fads in the dating world, but on the first date, the guy should pay. If the guy you’re with eagerly pays the bill and leaves a decent tip, hello green flags! Don’t stick with a guy who wants to split the bill right off the bat.

You felt comfortable on the date

Before you decide to spend more time with someone, clearly you want to be comfortable around them. If this guy made you feel pretty comfortable on the first date, you can probably expect the same comfort on the next date. Don’t say yes to a guy who is overly pushy or creeps you out in some way.

He communicated after the date

Whether it’s a text, phone call, email, or a message on Facebook, make sure that after the first date, the guy somehow contacts you. If he doesn’t, he may no longer be interested, doesn’t care much for a second date, or is too busy. No matter the case, he isn’t worth hounding over for a second date.

He opens the door for you

As trivial and silly as this may sound, something simple as opening a door for you can mean a lot. It not only shows respect, but it shows that he knows how to treat a woman. Don’t let this be your deciding factor, but opening the door and doing things for you on the first date shows a lot of respect.

You are attracted to something about him

The key word here is something. On a first date, certain traits and characteristics will stand out more than others. Do you like his appearance overall? His sense of humor? How smart he is? Being attracted to something in particular in a guy is a good sign to keep getting to know each other on more dates.

Sex wasn’t a topic of discussion

If a guy is really interested in you and is looking to spend more time with you, sex won’t be a topic that hits the airwaves anytime soon, unless of course, you initiate the convo. A guy that brings up sex on the first date is clearly only interested in one thing: hooking up! Don’t allow this type of guy any more of your time.

He didn’t put all of his cards on the table

After a first date, it’s nice if there is still some mystery to the guy you’re seeing. Sure you know some of his personal details, but it’s always nice to not know everything. If this guy didn’t put it all on the table but told you just enough to keep you interested, go for it! A second date will allow you to get to know even more about him.

He kept you as the center of attention

The new text messages, phone calls, and semi-flirty waitress didn’t take his attention away from you. Definitely go on a second date with the guy that keeps you the center of focus, no matter what’s going on around you. A guy who stays glued to his phone or has extremely wandering eyes may not be worth a second try.

You have a gut feeling

Sometimes after a first date, you have a gut feeling that a second date is definitely worthwhile or that going on a date again with this guy is a no-go. The gut feeling you get will more than likely steer you in the right direction. In the end, after a first date, you may just know if a second date will happen.

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