Oh, My Eyes! 15 Celebrities Whose Plastic Surgery Didn’t Go So Well

February 15, 2013  |  
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Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but we have to say that some celebrities’ quest to be flawless have gone terribly awry. Whether it was botched boob jobs, questionable lip injections or simply too much Botox, there are some celebs whose forays into plastic surgery haven’t had the results they hoped for. Madame Noire takes a look at 15 celebrities whose look took a turn for the worse after plastic surgery.

Big Ang

Now anyone who proudly boasts the nickname Big Ang, we’re going to guess, probably isn’t scoring all that high in the looks department. But when the “Mob Wives” star decided to go under the knife to add a little something extra to her lips and bustline, things turned from bad to worse. While we can live with the ginormous cans, it’s really the super-sized lips that make us sad … and a little scared. When will celebrities and reality television starlets finally learn: Bigger isn’t always better. If they can’t keep that simple lesson in mind, maybe plastic surgery isn’t the best idea.

Lisa Rinna

Another celeb whose big, luscious lips got just too big and luscious was former “Melrose Place” vixen Lisa Rinna. But lets not put all the blame on the actress. When she was in her early 20s, she decided to get injections in her lips. Unfortunately, years later she would develop scar tissue around her mouth, forcing her to reverse the procedure. But despite taking a step back in the full lips department, Rinna’s look just hasn’t been the same, especially with the copious amount of Botox she’s been pumping over the last several years.

Heidi Montag

Where do we begin with this one? The former “Hills” star and one half of Speidi (with husband Spencer Pratt) became the poster girl for ridiculous plastic surgery back in 2009. One special day in November of that year, Montag went under the knife, had 10 procedures and emerged virtually unrecognizable. From breast implants to rhinoplasty to a butt augmentation, Montag had it all. Years later she would express regret for undergoing so many surgeries and explain that she didn’t realize how much it would entail.

Joan Rivers

The Queen of Fashion Mean has been no stranger to nipping and tucking over the years. Joan Rivers’s plastic surgery addiction dates back to the mid-1960s, and while she says that her surgery number isn’t close to the rumored 739, this lady has definitely had a lot of work done. While we’ll give her credit for trying to preserve her … Hot? … at the ripe ol’ age of 78, don’t you think enough is enough? At some point you just have to admit that everyone gets older and there’s not enough face-lifts in the world that can change that.

Tara Reid

Now this one was a real shame. Tara Reid used to be adorable. She had that raspy voice, those wild eyes and that bubbly personality that made her every teenage boys’ crush. But when Reid decided to get a little plastic surgery on her breasts and stomach, her stock definitely plummeted. It wasn’t long before photos surfaced showing that her breasts and stomach were wrinkled and uneven. Though she has since had some corrective surgery, we think that Ms. Reid should take an indefinite hiatus from hitting the operating table again. Agree?

Kenny Rogers

Country singer Kenny Rogers is no stranger to the doctor’s office. Citing Dolly Parton as one of his plastic surgery inspirations, Rogers admitted to People in 2006 that he had tried for a younger look. “I think when you’re in the public eye, you feel a pressure to stay younger looking,” Rogers said. “I guess that’s what makes the guys who don’t do it so special. I’ve always said that gray hair looks good on everybody but yourself. To me, it makes me look old.” Unfortunately for Rogers, his dabbling in artificial youth didn’t pan out.

John Travolta

There’s a lot going on with John Travolta. But this time around we’re going to focus on the questionable nips and tucks that he has undergone over the years. OK, so to be fair, Travolta has never admitted that he has gone under the knife, so there is a chance we’re wrong with this inclusion. But with his face pulled so very tightly and that boyish charm becoming way more plastic, we can’t help but assume that its a result of a botched procedure or two.

Mickey Rourke

Arguably one of the saddest and most disappointing plastic surgery blunders of all time, Mickey Rourke’s transformation was painful for all of us to watch. After his acting career began to plateau, Rourke tried his hand at professional boxing, which caused considerable damage to his face. In an attempt to regain his once ruggedly handsome looks, Rourke enlisted the help of a plastic surgeon. Only things didn’t go as planned, as he told the Daily Mail in 2009: “Most of [the surgery] was to mend the mess of my face because of the boxing, but I went to the wrong guy to put my face back together.” Yeah, and wrong guy ruined a perfectly lovely face. For shame.


“Jersey Shore” star JWoww wasn’t exactly a looker to start with, but her forays into plastic surgery haven’t come close to boosting her stock. While we’ll admit the boobies look great, it’s a few inches higher that seems to be the problem. She just looks plain fake at this point and at just 26 years old there is no need for her to make any drastic changes to her appearance.

Axl Rose

Black, white, brown and everything in between, there are few people who didn’t love a little Guns and Roses back in the day. And regardless of how much Axl Rose was tripping, his songs were catchy as hell. But all the talent in the world couldn’t make his trip to the plastic surgeon a success. From what appears to be a too tight face-liff to a chemical peel that went awry, Rose has held on for dear life to stay young, but instead has looked less than fresh.

Daryl Hannah

A certifiable knockout in the 80s, Daryl Hannah killed it in such films as “Splash” and “Wall Street”. But then she decided that growing old gracefully wasn’t something she wanted to experiment with and went straight to the plastic surgeon. The victim of way too much filler and way too much Botoxing, Hannah now looks way older — and far less the knockout — that she once was. What a shame. Once again, a beautiful face destroyed by nipping and tucking.

Katie Price

Maybe she’s not as much of a household name in the United States, but Katie Price sure is something special across the pond. The glamor model has reportedly spent more than 100,000 pounds to upgrade her look. Only thing is, her once natural-looking beauty has deteriorated significantly. And while we feel for the girl (there have been several reports about her being unbelievably unhappy with her looks), we think she just needs to take a step back, realize she’s still an attractive lady and that more surgery is certainly not the answer.

Nikki Cox

Do you all remember this 90s hottie? We sure do and we were horrified to see what some botched plastic surgery did to this once fresh-faced beauty. Her plastic poison: Way, way, way too lips. While a little bit extra in the lip department is really no big deal, Cox went overboard and made herself look a solid 10 years older than what she is. For some strange reason, we’re thinking that wasn’t her intention when she went under the knife.

Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace loves herself some Botox. But unfortunately time hasn’t treated her injections kindly, as her face has begun to droop uncontrollably. Look, we’re not delusional here. Versace was never fox, but her attempts to pay for a little more attractiveness have failed … miserably.

Jocelyn Wildenstein

… Yeah, there’s really no explanation needed with this one aside from: This socialite has been more than $4 million to transform herself into a feline-like … woman?

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