True Life: I Don’t Get Along With Women

January 25, 2013  |  

There’s this myth going around that women cannot get along with one another. Well it’s not entirely true. Yet, there are still a handful of women who’d prefer to hang out with men than women. We posed a question to our Facebook followers and some of those people made themselves known. See what they had to say. 

Khadiji: Just watched all the females burn each other and I said all guy friends from there lol. I have one female friend who is acting right. But I do prefer guy friends


Honey: I can be friends with anyone. I am extra cautious of women who don’t have ANY female friends because they are too messy. Humph, like recognizes like!


Eriline: Male .. There is always some kind of drama with Females.. Often jealousy..


Ebonie: I would definitely rather have guy friends. Females are catty by nature friend or not.


Arielle: Yeah we’ll ill love to have female friends if their mature and have similar goals. Usually guys always want sex with me.


Cherilyn: Female friends can be jealous and backstabbing but now even men can be worse than women…You have to try to keep a positive circle…male or female!!


Tess: Oh my! Male friends all day! Females are competitive, messy, and don’t often have your back…as they claim.

I have maybe 3 good female friends, and that’s about it. I don’t like the ‘look at me’ drama.


Marilyn: I prefer guy friends because I’m a tomboy and not into girly stuff


Tami: I don’t mind female friends, but I definitely prefer male bosses. Women can’t stand competition. You would think we would all stick together, but that is exactly why there are rarely women as a majority in management. We sabotage ourselves.


LaRhonda: Men are less judgmental


Deidra: In my early 20’s I was all excited about my friendships with men because I was fascinated and really just wanted to learn all I could from their point of view. Until then, I’d never been able to speak or behave freely w/ the opposite sex. Someone should have warned me that men in their 20’s don’t really want to be my friend, and can offer no valuable insight on how to carry a mature relationship. LOL.


Brandi: I prefer males friends because they are less emotional and don’t judge. Females have a lot of insecurities (me included), but I always have a better time hanging with men, plus I get to learn how and why they think and act the way they do. And females are nosey as hell! They think they are entitled to know ALL your business. But men don’t understand things the way women do so you need your girlfriends some times. Good friends are hard to find.



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