You’ll Know You’re In Love When You Don’t Mind The Smell of His Sh!t

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I just got off the phone with my best friend. I was in the bathroom while I was talking to her. This is nothing new. I’m usually in the bathroom when I talk to her. I don’t try to even hide. I tell her to hold on when I have to flush so I don’t miss any vital information. When I was home for Christmas, my dad asked my mom, sister and I why we liked to talk to people on the phone while we’re using the bathroom. I told him I really didn’t understand the issue. That’s where the best conversations take place. You’re not distracted by other things, so you’re able to sit and concentrate on what the person is saying. He thinks it’s gross. As I was telling my friend this, she agreed with me, there’s no big thing about talking in the bathroom. In fact, she said that when you’re able to talk to someone in the bathroom and they know it, that’s love, you’re trying to put on airs for them. You’re not trying to act like your life doesn’t get a little messy at times, you can let it all hang come out.

She shared a quote she read that confirmed our theory. You know around Valentine’s Day and what not, people always interview little kids about their thoughts on love. One little girl said that she knows her mother loves her father because she talks to him with the door open, while he’s sitting on the toilet. We both laughed. It’s funny but it’s always true. Very true, children can be so wise. Then my friend told me had she taken this bit of advice, she would have known that she wasn’t in love with him, and should have left him alone. She was laying in bed with her boo when suddenly, he farted. She said that instead of shrugging it or laughing it off as just a natural human occurrence, she was severely disgusted and wanted to inflict physical harm to the man.

We both agreed, she should have taken it as a sign and left him alone right then and there.

Obviously, you don’t have to relish in the funk of fart, but when you love someone you’re able to put up with quite a few of their unflattering qualities.

What are some of the things your partner does that are pretty gross but you don’t necessarily mind?

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