First Dating, Then Comes Divorce? Celebs Who Forgot To Ditch The Ring Before They Jumped On The Dating Train Again

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Who remembers the days when you actually had to be single in order to date? Nowadays it doesn’t look like you have to necessarily be single in order to start your mingling. More and more people are entering the dating game before they even bother to sign their divorce papers! Which box do you check for your relationship status with a girlfriend/boyfriend and a wife/husband?! You may find it totally confusing, not to mention draining, but these celebs have all the energy in the world when it comes to hoping on the dating train before load off their baggage.

Toni Braxton

Even though Toni and her husband Keri Lewis (you know the light skinned cutie from Mint Condition) separated in November 2009, never making it final hasn’t stopped this Braxton from ‘searching for love’. She’s seemed to have stop searching now that she’s sparked up a flame with… Eddie Murphy! The two have been ‘friends’ for a while now but we all know how the celeb ‘friend’ game goes. One day their mere fans of each other’s work the next day their vacationing together. One thing’s for sure Toni doesn’t believe in waiting for the judge to tell her it is okay to move on!

Jennifer Lopez

Jenny from the block is the Queen of moving on. There’s always more fish in the sea and J.Lo has got that undeniable bait. Not afraid to quickly cut em loose then replace them, J.Lo publicly started dating Ben Affleck before her divorce from Chris Judd became official in January 2003, and the dating before divorce game did not end there. Since she and Marc Anthony announced their separation in July of 2011, J.Lo has wasted no time flaunting around her new boy toy Casper Smart. Can she at least proceed in the divorce settlement before vacationing and adopting puppies with her new man?! Talk about a love for back up dancers.

Heidi Klum

After nearly seven years of what looked to the  public as a ‘blissful’ marriage; not to mention hugs, kisses, yearly vow renewals and three babies, Heidi and Seal have decided to call it quits. On January, 22 2012, the two announced they were separating  in three months Heidi would have filed for divorce and would be caught jogging, smooching and having family outings with her new boyfriend/bodyguard Martin Kristen. It’s a little tough to believe that this love affair only began in September 2012 as Klum confirms.

Kim Kardashian

Even after accusations of infidelity and sex tapes, this seductive socialite doesn’t seem to have any trouble finding a man willing to still settle down with her. Kim is known to make moves that always seem to ironically get her more fame and a finely cut check. Her ‘marriage’ to Kris Humphries (of the New Jersey Nets) would be no different. In May 2011, the two became engaged and were married August 20. After merely 72 days of marriage, Kim filed for divorce, and ever since then her and Kanye’s ‘friendship’ has surprisingly blossomed into something quite more serious. Surprise? Yeah right! Still being legally married to Humphries hasn’t stopped the Kim and Ye from taking their relationship to the next level, being that Kim is currently pregnant with the rap star’s baby.

Swizz Beats

We all know the circus revolving around Swizz Beatz his ex-wife Mashonda and quickly wedded new wife, Alicia Keys. In 2004, Swizz and Mashonda married and she would give birth to their son, Kasseem David Dean Jr., two years later, in January 2006. By April, 2008 , the two would be announcing their plans to divorce while Swizz and Keys were rumored to be carrying on a steamy love affair. Even after a tweeted letter from Mashonda to Keys telling her that Swizz was still indeed legally married and living with her and their son, Keys would still try to deny any involvement with the still married hip hop artist. Yet the denial falls on deaf ears being that in May 2009 it was confirmed that Swizz and Alicia Keys were ina relationship, and the same time the following year engaged with Keys carrying his fourth child.

Dwayne Wade

One of the few players we saluted for not changing face and marrying his high school sweetheart, Siohvaughn Funches; Wade and his longtime love must have had some really irreconcilable rocky roads because they have been having a brutal separation since Wade filed for divorce in 2007. A tumultuous custody battle, infidelity, and giving her STD’s is not the only thing that’s had Funches blood boiling, Gabrielle Union plays a role in her anger as well. Wade and Union have been publicly dating, her yelling from courtside during his games, for years now. Funches has even attempted to confront Union about it face to face in the first year of their seperation, but now that the divorce is final there won’t be any technical fouls when Wade and Union hit the scene. Hopefully!

Chrisitina Aguilera

Only six weeks after her announced split from husband of five years, Jordan Bratman, in 2010, the once Mickey Mouse star with the petite frame and booming voice wasted no time admitting she had fallen for her new beau Matthew Ruttler. The two met on the set of her then new movie, Burlesque, and after she filed for divorce prancing around L.A and N.Y.C with her new beau was all she could worry about. Who ever said you had to go through divorce alone, I guess.

Daniel Craig

The Hot chiseled, blue-eyed James Bond actor can easily break any woman’s heart and that’s exactly what he did to ex-fiancee Satsuki Mitchell when his out-of-the-blue marriage took place with current wife Rachel Weisz on June 22,2011. Craig and Weisz are said to have been friends for many years and even worked together on the movie Dream House. So it wasn’t a great deal of surprise to the public, when his split from Mitchell in November 2010 coincided with Weisz’s split from her husband. Too bad Mitchell had to read about her ex-fiancee’s wedding in the paper like everyone else… Ouch!

Brad Pitt

We remember it like it was yesterday, the very hot Brad Pitt and one of our favorite ‘Friends’ cast members Jennifer Aniston, made the cutest couple. Not only were they good looking and so bubbly in love with one another but they seemed to soulmates. That is until Mr. and Mrs. Smith; Pitt laid eyes on one of the sexiest actresses in Hollywood and it was all downhill from there, that is for Aniston and Pitt’s marriage of course. In January 2005, the two split and two months later Aniston filed for divorce. Pitt stands by his denial of ever being unfaithful but paparazzi, only a month after Aniston simply  filed for divorce, caught photos of Angelina Jolie, her son and Brad at the beach and from then on Brangelina couldn’t be kept a secret.

Ashton Kutcher

The young “Punk’d” star was more than good for laughs, he’s absolutely gorgeous and his playful attitude and charming demeanor caught the eye and heart of older yet attractive actress Demi Moore. Married in September 2005, the two brought a breath of fresh air to a more shallow perception of Hollywood relationships. Yet rumors of infidelity and mistresses popping up to tell of their encounters with Kutcher would cause the couple to separate in 2011, by December 2012 Kutcher filed for divorce. Yet not actually signing the papers did not stop Kutcher from dating his former That 70’s Show co-star Mila Kunis, who Moore always held insecurities about in the first place.

Trina Braxton

If you’re a Braxton fan then you already know all about Trina and her constant issues with trifling husband, Gabe Solis. To call him a womanizer would be a nicer term but Trina is finally taking a little control back on her life and if she has to break some rules to do so we’ll cut her a break considering her constant battles. In April of 2012 Trina served divorce papers on hubby, Gabe and has wasted no time hitting the dating soon with none other than the creative, lyrical genius Cee Lo Green. They ran into each other at a studio, sister Toni was recording at, Cee Lo overheard the fact that she had filed for a divorce and asked Trina on a date, since then the sparks have been flying.

Kelsey Grammar

Now I know I’m not the only one who had a thing for the show “Frasier.” Well Frasier, I mean Kelsey Grammar has got a little naughty rap sheet of his own. Who would have thought it right?! Him and ex-wife Camille Donatacci, a former Playboy model, met in 1996 on a blind date and married the following year. Due to “irreconcilable differences,” Donatacci filed for divorce in July 2010, although it was finalized till February 10,2011, Grammar made the quick and happy announcement on August 12,2010 that he was going to be a father for the fifth time by his 25 years younger flight attendant girlfriend, Kayte Walsh. Ok Frasier!

Tiki Barber

SMH is all that comes to mind when looking at the situation between ex-Giants superstar Tiki Barber and wife Ginny. Dedication and devotion seems to mean nothing nowadays, because even though Ginny stood by the football star’s side from his college years, catering to him in a traditional role, she was drop-kicked to the side while eight months pregnant. Tiki decided a relationship with a former NBC intern Traci Lynn Johnson, was more important than being there for his pregnant wife after 11 years of marriage! Forget dating before finalized divorce, this so called gentleman did it while they were still married.


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