Facebook Live: CurlyNikki Answers Hair Questions About Co-Washing, Overmoisturizing, Growing Edges and MORE!

January 15, 2013  |  
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Today, MadameNoire.com had our first ever live Facebook chat with Nikki Walton: a leading natural hair blogger, founder of CurlyNikki and author of the new book ‘Better Than Good Hair.’ She answered our readers’ most pressing questions about hair and hair care including co-washing, dealing with different textures, growing edges and more. Click though to see the advice she doled out for our loyal Facebook fans.


Jazmen: I’ve worn a ponytail for years and I’ve lost some of my edges as a result – is there a way to repair them or is it a lost cause?

CurlyNikki: Stop with the pony tails or any other tension styles immediately! You need to give your edges time to recover. Massage them nightly with castor oil and be sure not to pull them too tight to achieve styles… don’t wear harsh headbands or elastic bonnets that may create more undue stress. Sleep on a satin pillow case and try less stressful styles like chunky twist or braid outs.

Nadirah: How can I keep my curls moist and wet looking all day? How often should I wash my hair?

CurlyNikki: Keeping your hair moist starts on wash day! Use a moisturizing conditioner to soften and detangle, and follow up with a moisturizing leave-in and seal with an oil or butter to retain the moisture longer. If by mid-week your ends feel dry, re-moisturize and seal. I recommend re-styling at least once weekly.

Kendra: I have “mixed” hair and I am newly living in the cold and dry New England area…what kind of products can I use in my hair to keep it moist and “tamed?” Also, are there any natural or at home recipes I could use on my hair?

CurlyNikki: I’d recommend lots of deep treatments! Do one at every wash session… using your fav conditioner and you can mix in oils and honey. Apply a plastic cap and a heat cap and leave in for 15-30 minutes. Then proceed with washing your hair (opt for no-sulfate poos as they’re less drying) and always follow up with a conditioner. Avoid gels or other harsh stylers and stick with curl creams! In the winter I personally avoid humectants such as glycerin.

Faith: Hi Nikki, I have been natural for about 2 years now; I suffered through the grow out process by keeping my hair washed conditioned and braided; then wearing wigs. Now I want to wear my own hair. What should I do first? I have about 8-10 inches of hair.

CurlyNikki: I’d recommend becoming reacquainted with your hair. Set aside some dedicated time for deep treatments, warm oil treatments or the like. Pamper it… make it fun! Go online, on Youtube, on CurlyNikki.com and buy my new book, Better Than Good Hair for not just styling tips and ideas but hair treatments that you can buy or make at home. With 8-10 inches of hair, you can do a lot! Experiment with (wet, damp or dry) flat twist, two strand twist and braid outs, and wet sets like rods or curlformers. Now is the time to find a tried and true style that you can always fall back on in an emergency or when you have something important to do and you need semi-predictable hair, lol.

Teisha: I’ve been natural for 8 months and I’m noticing the front of my hair is growing faster than the back. What can I do to make the back grow faster?

CurlyNikki: Like me, you may just have different textures… the different sections of my hair have different temperaments. My hair in the front grows fast and shrinks very little while the hair in the back grows slow and shrinks a TON. To work with what I’ve got, I had my stylist hook me up with a graduated bob. Maybe you can do the same? lol, if not and it is truly a concern, make sure your hair isn’t breaking off in the back. If it is, assess your regimen and make the appropriate changes. If it’s a matter of textures (the back doesn’t show length as well as the front), you could use heavier products back there or try twist-outs or braid-outs throughout to help keep things consistent. Hope that helps!

Tamasia: Is there a such thing as too much moisture?

CurlyNikki: Yes, but I’ve never personally experienced it. If you’re worried you’re dealing with over moisturizing, balance things out with light protein treatments. My favorite, which in my opinion is a balanced moisture/protein treatment is Aubrey Organics GPB.

Juanita: I’ve had my hair in locs since 2005. I think the texture of my hair is softer than I originally thought due to ‘scab hair’, if the theory on it is actually true. How do I discover what my believed new texture is (on various sections of my head) without having to cut all my hair off before knowing what I’m now working with?

CurlyNikki: As I tell folks who are transitioning or those who just big chopped, it takes time for your hair to reveal itself. Even Karyn Parsons (Hilary Banks from Fresh Prince) said it took her newly chopped curls 6 months or more to ‘find themselves’… to clump and coil. It may be difficult to assess your ‘out’ hair texture until you’ve cut or removed the locs (some folks comb them out over time) and even then, you may still need to give it some time. Whatever the case, your texture will be lovely and as long as you work with and not against it, you’ll achieve beautiful styles you never imagined possible!

Charlotte: What’s your view on shampooing vs. co-washing? Is co-washing really enough to get your hair cleansed thoroughly?

CurlyNikki: It really depends on the rest of your regimen. If you’re using mineral oil and silicone laden products, you’ll need a real shampoo (not necessarily sulfate based, but one with a milder cleanser like cocoa b) to remove the residue and prevent build-up. Again, natural hair is all about trial and error. I know folks who co-wash with great success and those that can’t. Try it out and see how your hair responds!

Hope you enjoyed the convo. Make sure you tune into our Facebook page next Tuesday at 1pm to continue this conversation. Make sure you come prepared with all your hair questions. In the meantime, CurlyNikki is gifting a $400 shopping spree and an advanced, signed copy of her book, ‘Better Than Good Hair.  Enter here by tomorrow for a chance to win!





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