Cupid Got Your Heart? 15 Signs You’re Really In Love

January 15, 2013  |  
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When you’re in love, you just know. But, with other emotions such as infatuation and lust often knocking at the door, it can sometimes be difficult to really know if you’re truly in love with the person you’re dating. Here are 15 tell-tale signs that your heart is going wild.

Talking and communicating comes naturally

You know that you’ve talked to some people and it was like pulling teeth to keep the conversation going. But, when you’re with your significant other, talking and other means of communicating come naturally, and before you know it, you’ve been talking for hours. Effortless communication is a clear sign of a deep bond.

You’d do (almost) anything for the relationship

All relationships come with risks and the need to make sacrifices, and if you’re more than willing to sacrifice things to keep the relationship going, it’s real. Maybe you’ve moved to be closer to him. Or maybe you’ve switched around your schedule to make it more compatible between the two of you.

You’re afraid to lose him

Not all relationships last, we know that, and while the after-burn when any relationship ends is hurtful, with this relationship, you fear losing him. There is nothing that seems more scary or life changing than losing this guy. If you’re in love, despite this fear, you’re still 100% in the relationship, and you put forth your all to stay together.

You give in, the good way

When you’re in love, you give in to it. You don’t question your emotions and you realize that the feelings you have won’t simply go away at the drop of a dime. Even if you swore to never fall in love again, you realize that you can’t fight it. The moment you let love in, you’ve really fallen in love.

Your trust is unwavering

Trust is one of the most important parts of a relationship, and earning trust can be hard. But, once you hit the stage that you truly trust someone without a doubt, there are definitely strong feelings coming into play. When jealousy and trust issues are short-lived, it’s a good sign.

Sex is so much more

When you’re dating around, sex is sex, and usually nothing more. But, with this guy, sex has a lot of meaning and emotions behind it. The act becomes more than just physical and goes to an entirely new level. You try things that appeal to the both of you and it never feels pushy or demanded.

You talk about him to…everyone!

Being in love isn’t something that you can hide, and when you’re completely happy with someone, you show it without even thinking about it. When you’re out with friends, you talk about him, his likes, how he treats you, and so on. Your family knows a lot about him and you enjoy talking about your relationship.

You still try to impress him

When you first met your boy you probably did a lot of little things to impress him. You dressed nice, smelled good, and dolled yourself up. However, even months or years after you’ve been together, if you still find that you’re impressing him in small subtle ways, your heart is fluttering, for him!

Other guys remind you of yours

It’s inevitable that we’ll all encounter someone we find attractive. But, when you’re in love, you’ll realize that you often find someone else attractive because they remind you of your guy. Maybe he’s tall and built, just like your man. In the end though, your guy is better than anyone else.

He’s a priority

If you’ve noticed that you have started to sacrifice a lot so that you can spend as much time as possible with your guy, love is definitely in the air! Maybe you don’t go out and party as much or maybe you’ve cut back on the amount of time you spend at work. When certain things take a back seat and your boyfriend becomes your first priority –after yourself — you’re smitten.

You no longer notice his flaws

We all have our faults, even the people we fall in love with, but if you’re really in love, you learn to accept, and even like, the faults and flaws that your boy has. His habits and quirks are likeable somehow , though you know they’d annoy you if someone else did them. Love easily blurs flaws and faults.

You want to better each other

Relationships are about changing, molding, and accepting the good and the bad. When you are with your guy, you probably do a lot better for yourself, and honestly, you want to be a better woman for him. You encourage each other to grow and become better people.

Your emotions are shared and connected

When he’s sad, you’re sad, and vice versa. You’re happy when he is happy and smiling. It hurts you when he’s hurt and down. When his emotions impact yours, and when yours impact his, there’s definitely love in your heart.

You think about him, a lot

When you’re at work, school, driving home, or surfing the web, you find that even though you’re busy, he is still on your mind. You always think about your last conversation, and your next conversation, and little things seem to remind you of him. Can’t get him out of your mind? Call it love.

You can do nothing together and still be happy

The early stages of dating promise all sorts of fun dates and late nights, but once your relationship begins to grow, the dates slow down and instead, you find that nights in become quite common. When you and your boy can sit home, watch a movie together, and be pretty content, you’re more than likely in love. You don’t need the frills of dating to keep you happy.

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