For Better or Worse: Dating and Sex Trends To Expect in 2013

January 15, 2013  |  
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Going dutch on the bill, sleeping with a man on the first date with no shame, meeting a guy at the restaurant vs. being picked up—these aren’t changes in the world of dating that took place overnight. They were trends that slowly picked up and were accepted by the general public, year by year. So, what trends will make history in the world of dating and sex this year?


Western themed dates

Due to popular shows like Honey Boo Boo, and many other reality shows that take place in Middle America, metropolitan dwellers have a fascination with “hillbilly” type activities. So expect a lot of ironic date proposals like a trip to the rodeo, drinks at a bar with a mechanical bull, or a day of shooting on a range!

Dress code may be enforced

Many of the shows men love today don’t feature rugged, 5 o’clock shadow, lone ranger types. They feature slick, elegant men who drink whiskey out of decanters, have secretaries and iron a crease down the front of their pants. Men like to fancy themselves, so expect to be asked for drinks at Vintage style bars, where the mixologists (yes, mixologists—not just bartenders) wear suspenders and fedoras, and where drinks are overpriced.


Casual…whatever it is

With popular shows like New Girl making these I-don’t-know-what-we-are-but-we’re-sleeping-together faux-lationships look so fun, you might expect less and less hype around defining “what we are” in relationships. Your girlfriends might be accepting guys who show up and disappear in three week increments, show up for a good time when they’re asked, and staying out of sight, out of mind when they’re not.

Online dating will “go public”

Think about it: how many of the people who you always thought were “too cool” for online dating confessed to having tried it this year? This may be the break out year for online dating, when not only is the activity shared amongst close friends, but online dating stories are shouted and laughed about over drinks with brand new acquaintances at dinner parties as if the activity is as common as going to the gym.

More oral

Male-targeting movies are growing up. Just think of the highly anticipated This is 40. Films for men are featuring marriages more and more. And one thing many of these quirky, happy, somehow-still-Hot marriages have in common is this: bl0w jobs. And complete ones (not just part of 4play). The married couples in popular films today often talk about the BJ that took place just yesterday at the movie theaters, or will take place in ten minutes in the shower. And what does this tell men? It’s perfectly okay to ask for more oral. Hey, married men are doing it.

The gentleman will come back

Thank you Mad Men for making the gentleman cool again; the man who opens doors, makes lunch dates, picks up the tab, sends a handpicked dress to your hotel room for dinner. It’s no longer nerdy to be nice. It’s sophisticated. It means you have game.

A little more natural

Enough stand up comedians, as well as the regular guys you date, have voiced their concerns about the baldness down under so many women have adapted. Most men do not care what you’ve got going on down there. And even more just want it not to be totally out of control, but can do without all the landscaping. So feel free to take a little off the sides for bikini season, and let the rest do its thing.

More one night stands

Popular movies about relationships begin with a one-night stand. They have been growing since Knocked Up with follow up’s in No Strings Attached and Bridesmaids. The stigma that sleeping with a guy the night you meet him will ruin any chance of a relationship is fading away.


Play in the backyard

Almost every article written about sex tips—for men and women—this year features some sort of butt action. It’s not just for the “k1nky” anymore, but is in fact on the regular sex menu for many couples.

Sex goes social

You almost can’t even get mad now when your boyfriend posts a status like, “Love me some post-sex snacks” because everybody does it now. Everybody is allowed in your bedroom, via social media. But at some point, you’ll be allowed in theirs too. So the “I just got laid” posts become less provocative.

Toning it down

Men are starting to realize that women don’t actually like to date gorillas that can’t even touch their arms down to their sides. Where in popular media do we see these men, other than The Jersey Shore? And shouldn’t the fact that we see it on that show say enough…men are easing up on the protein shakes and the heavy lifting, and going for more “natural” forms of exercise like jogging and yoga that yield more slender bodies.

Making it on your “mensies”

After so many billion years, men finally get it: all women get their periods. It’s inevitable. And the guy you’re telling about your girlfriend’s time of month isn’t allowed to cringe or make fun of you, because his girlfriend is probably just a birth control cycle away from hers too. Since talking about a woman’s period has become less taboo, so has sleeping with a woman while she’s on it. Many men are becoming more comfortable with learning when their girlfriends have “light” days, and making it work.

Dating for dinner

Fifty Shades Of Grey made the concept of a sugar daddy seem a lot sweeter. More women may be looking for a man to “experience” things with—a man a little older, with time and resources to take a woman on trips, to nice dinners, to shows etc. He gets the company of a gorgeous woman. She gets to see the world. The trade off doesn’t look so immoral anymore.

Nu-de pics

It’s not only your “dirty” friends who do it now. Most couples are perfectly comfortable taking pics of their privates regularly and sending them to their partners. So don’t go snooping through your friend’s phone if you’re not ready to see the unclothed truth.

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