Push Your Pride Aside: Times You Should Consider Seeking Professional Help

January 21, 2013  |  
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When times seem really hard, we can sometimes feel alone and isolated; like no one else knows how we feel.  However, not only is there someone else who is dealing with exactly what you are, there are people who can help you with your problems as well.

In a time where it seems that there’s a greater importance placed on physical health than mental, sometimes we can overlook the tell-tale signs of when to seek guidance from a professional. I’m not a licensed professional, however I can say, rather than suffering in silence, these may be a few times when a professional mental health expert may be of use.

When you’re overwhelmed during a transitioning period

Change can be hard to deal with and it’s very easy to feel alone while you’re doing it.  Why do you think there are Welcome Wagons, New Member Appreciation days, or therapy facilities on high school and college campuses? People know that facing a major change can take a toil on a person’s mental capacity. Instead of letting the fear consume you and stop you from experiencing new adventures, talk to someone who can help.

When a need turns into a vice/vice turns into an addiction

When we’re overwhelmed sometimes people will turn to certain things for comfort, like food, sleeping, alcohol or drugs.  When a person begins to abuse these things, that’s when they’re refusing to deal with their turmoil and simply hiding from it.  That’s unhealthy mentally and physically and can lead to fatal results (high blood pressure, diabetes, bed sores, muscle atrophy, alcohol poisoning, and overdosing).  The moment a trial approaches and you’re looking for things like food, alcohol, sleep, or drugs to help calm you, that’s not a very good sign.

When thinking about past issues still causes you extreme pain

Everyone has dealt with horrible things in their lives.  We’ve all suffered and cried at multiple points, and thinking back on those things might bring back the initial sting of hurt and pain. However, there might be a larger issue at hand if you’re thrown back into the same depression by simply remembering things, or you’re flooded by your own tears, or fall into a panic attack.

When you feel a strong need to keep hurtful things secret

There are times when you probably should keep things to yourself, like how you feel about a friend’s friend, or how you feel about a spouse’s family.  However, when things that are detrimental begin to happen to you, like abuse, or having an urge to physically hurt a person, those are times to go and seek help.  Having those feelings stew inside of you, without having a guiding, professional voice to help you deal, might fester into something detrimental.

When your thoughts about yourself are critical instead of constructive

Dear reader, YOU are an amazing person!  YOU are beautiful/handsome.  YOU are a worthwhile human being.  I don’t mind saying this to you, because I know you are, but YOU should be able to tell yourself that as well.  You won’t be able to live a happy or productive life if you don’t love yourself, or continuously doubt your own abilities.

When you are overly critical of others

Our own self-esteem issues can be tricky and sometimes when we’re not feeling good about ourselves we have a tendency to pick out flaws in others.  Now, maybe those flaws do exist, but if you’re mentally or verbally destroying this person and you feel like you’re self-esteem is rising, that’s not a good sign.  Life is meant to be enjoyed and if you can only enjoy it by causing others pain, then try making a call to a therapist.

You’re entering into marriage

Sometimes, even though it’s the same individual, the person you date is not the person that you marry.  Marriage compounds things, and though you might feel like you and your potential spouse have dealt with the highs and lows (like arguing over what restaurant to go to, or who’s going to pick up the check) those things are minuscule when it comes to the issues you face when you’re married.  Sometimes people get enamored with the idea of being married without understanding the responsibility that goes into being a wife or a husband.  Speaking to a professional about this before getting married can help you and yours better understand the responsibility, or help you make a critical decision if this person is who you should be with.

If you’re struggling emotionally as a parent

Being a parent is one of the most mentally isolating jobs to ever have, because no one wants to talk about horrible it can be sometimes. People treat being a parent like being in Vegas, whatever happens there, stays there.  Then, when you begin to struggle you feel horrible because no one else is talking about how frustrating it is.  Listen, parenting is ridiculously hard, and other people struggle with it too, and sometimes it just feels good to just hear someone else reaffirm those fears you have.  You’re not alone, and not only can a professional tell you that, but they can help you deal as well.

When you’ve gotten into a habit of isolating yourself

You might have once been a vivacious, gregarious person, but a series of unfortunate events have caused you to withdraw.  As hard as it is to deal with people, humans need to have social interactions.  There is a difference between an introverted person, and a person who keeps themselves from experiencing things beyond their own threshold.   Find someone to talk to help you decipher why you’re pulling away from society.

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