Parents Of A Child Who Survived Newtown Shooting Attempt To Sue State For $100 Million–And Receive Public Backlash

January 2, 2013  |  


A 6-year-old girl who was at Sandy Hook Elementary on December 14, the day of the fatal shooting that killed 20 children, says she heard the gunshots over the intercom at the school, as well as the screams that day, and feared for her life. And while she was able to escape the shooting unharmed, her family was upset with not only the school, but the Connecticut Department of Education and more. They were hoping to sue everyone from the State Board of Education to the Connecticut Department of Education, and the State Commissioner of Education for not providing their daughter with a safe place to learn, failing to determine whether the local Newtown Board of Education provided a safe setting, and allegedly not pushing the school to create an emergency response plan. As the claim says, the young girl “has sustained emotional and psychological trauma and injury, the nature and extent of which are yet to be determined.” According to CNN, the family, with their attorney, Irving Pinsky, was hoping to receive permission from the state claims commissioner to proceed with their lawsuit, but decided to withdraw their request for the moment after a flood of criticism was placed upon Pinsky and the family through his social media page.

And when I say criticism, I’m talking biting criticism of the highest form. From people calling him a scum bag that should go to hell and die, to giving out Pinsky’s personal information, and saying that he represents money w***es, it was enough to make anyone uncomfortable. Feeling the heat from the public, and after checking out new evidence and also claiming that “nervousness” among Newton residents also played a factor (He could be talking about the alleged nervousness of the people he’s representing, but according to CNN, he didn’t elaborate.), Pinsky and the family decided to withdraw their hopes for a lawsuit for now.

According to NBC News, State Attorney General George Jepsen caught wind of the claim and was appalled by it. And while he wants to have a conversation about what can be done to prevent future shootings like this and why this particular one happened, Jepsen doesn’t see the lawsuit as necessary, seeing as how he doesn’t think the state should receive blame for it. “Although the investigation is still under way, we are aware of no facts or legal theory under which the state of Connecticut should be liable for causing the harms inflicted at Sandy Hook Elementary School.”

So as for right now, the lawsuit has been withdrawn, but Pinksy says that he and the family he represents have every right after what this child has been through to submit the claim to file suit again in the future.

I think that you can’t really be surprised at attorneys like Irving Pinsky, because this is what they do. They keep an ear out and arms open to take in any person who thinks they have a case or reason to sue someone for something. And I think we all know that nowadays, lawsuits are becoming the norm for everyone to file. But I think it’s kind of sad that while the child was blessed to have survived such a horror, so soon after, her parents are already looking for someone to sue. Since they still have their daughter with them and she was able to escape the attacks unharmed physically, you would think they would be grateful for that and just try their best to move forward. Guess not. But do you think the family was wrong for suing?




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