Another Reality Star Claims To Be Enlightened: LHH’s Erica Mena Shares What She’s Learned From Reality TV

December 28, 2012  |  

During season two of Love & Hip Hop, we were introduced to Erica Mena, a Latina video vixen from the Bronx with a firecracker personality and the temper to match. If you’re having difficulty recalling which girl she was, she’s the one who immediately popped off on Kimbella during their first encounter last season. Erica picked up a pretty poor reputation for being overly impulsive, aggressive and lacking self-control, but she’s claiming that she’s learned her lesson and that she’s a changed woman. In a recent interview with Vibe Vixen, the Love & Hip Hop sophomore shares some of the lessons she’s learned from last season. Check out some of what she had to say.

On her erratic behavior last season:

 “One thing I kind of learned real quick was think first. I’m so passionate. Once I feel it, I kind of go for it and deal with the consequences later. That’s kind of as real as it gets for me. I kind of go with the punches and then I’m like ‘Uhhh I could’ve done that better’ or ‘I should’ve never said that.’ At least I’m being myself, but in that sense I also need to learn to kind of think things through properly […] Sometimes it’s best to kind of think and then go through things instead of going off of emotion and things like that. I’ve definitely taken that into consideration and this year. I’m thinking things through in the sense of just life in general.”

On her change of heart during the reunion show:

“The reunion was kind of my time to let people know ‘Yeah, I did go crazy. Yes, I was serious.’ I wasn’t so much apologetic about how I felt, but how I reacted and how I let everything just spiral out of control.”

“Once I messed up it was kind of a big mess up that made me say ‘Okay, I have a lot of cleaning up to do,’ but it was good. It was a time where a lot of things were kind of falling into place and there were a lot of things I was getting rid of that really kind of polluted my environment. It was a strange but really necessary and good transition.”

It seems like Erica is claiming to have had an Evelyn-Iyanla “fix my life” moment. Although Erica has been known to have a pretty over the top temper even prior to her debut on Love & Hip Hop, if her claims are sincere and she has genuinely discovered the error of her ways and is actually going to practice self control, then we say good for her. I have a feeling most folks aren’t buying her story though.

Click here to watch a video clip from Erica’s interview. Do you believe that she has learned her lesson or do you suspect that she’ll revert back to her drink tossing ways?

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