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Every year, people like to make resolutions so that they can have a better year and be a better person, but it never fails that midway through the year, they realize they aren’t doing any of the things they said they would do. We make the same promises to ourselves and can’t keep most, if any, of them. Let’s have a look at the most popular resolutions people like to make — and fail to keep. Hopefully, you don’t fall into this category.

Lose Weight

We all would like to lose weight so we can be summer time fine. So, we decide to change our eating habits or start going to the gym. We pay $10 for a membership fee at Planet Fitness and a few months in, we realize we aren’t going as often as we like. We make up an excuse as to why we haven’t been going, so we won’t feel too bad. On top of not going to the gym, our eating habits are still the same. We only need to find a holiday, a BBQ or special occasion to eat them burgers, fries and whatever else we want. Just say you’re going to TRY to lose weight and not that you are GOING to lose weight. You’ll look like a liar in the end.

Kill The Drama

Our favorite thing to proclaim as the new year approaches is that we are going to cut people off. As the saying goes, “I can do bad all by myself” yet we keep doing bad with a whole lot of other people. If you are one of those I’m referring to, it may not be those around you, but just you. You bring the drama. Drama follows you every year, no matter what you do. Your New Year’s resolution should be to stop acting so dramatic.

Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination is our best friend. We will come up with every reason under the sun, as to why we didn’t do something. When the New Year comes in, we say we are going to apply to school or travel more. Yet, the school semester starts in late January and you haven’t even filled out the application. Nor do you have a little bit of money to even start saving for your getaways. Stop waiting to change something, you can change today.When are we going to learn that procrastination gets us nowhere?


Moving out on our own is a big accomplishment. It makes us feel like an adult. Maybe we hate where we’re currently living or it’s just about that time to start anew in a different city. However, we never make enough effort to actually make it happen. We start looking through ads, asking people of places they may have heard about, but we do all of this for maybe a month tops and stop. When the end of the year comes around,we’re still living in the same place saying the same thing.

Save/Make Money

Whether you want to make money, save money, or both- somehow it doesn’t ever go as you plan. You manage to actually save but then you start splurging. You know you have a little cushion so, you spend your money on meaningless things when you could’ve started saving for that vacation you wanted to take. If you wanted to make more money, you did the smart thing and got a second job. However, you didn’t realize it’s going to take up all of your time. So, you begin to complain about how it’s not much money or too demanding. Long story short, you end up quitting. Lose-lose situation! Just be wise about your time and your hustle.

Change Your ‘Tude

Changing your attitude is a great New Year’s resolution. Your attitude can vary from being nice to others or simply thinking more positively. The year just started and you’re doing great but all it takes is for one person to piss you off and you are right back to your old ways. If it only takes one encounter or one person, you weren’t serious in the first place.

Stay Off Social Media

I love when people say, they are going to stay off of Facebook, Twitter and whatever else. They are gone for all of two weeks and then come back like they never been gone, talking crap on Facebook or sharing with the world their emotional problems. It’s a joke when people say they are going to deactivate their accounts. You can always reactivate it whenever you want, even for one day. Find a hobby off the internet, that’s the challenge for many.

Be a Family Person

Becoming a better daughter, son, mother, father etc is a great resolution to better yourself and strengthen your relationships. It’s nothing like being the best person to the people who actually care about you the most. Blood is thicker than water right? Yet, along the way, you start nonsense with your family or you feel like they always want something from you, or you can’t stay away from work. Whatever it may be– get over it! Family is all we have in the end. Be good to those around you. Simple!

Go To Church

Tell me what’s missing C..H..blank…blank. C..H? U R!
Being closer to God is a wonderful thing. We tend to only go to church for Easter Sunday, New Year’s Eve and whatever other holiday that counts, if we call ourselves Christians (sometimes). It’s definitely a struggle, if it isn’t something you are use to, but please stop kidding yourself. If you are only going to attend during the holidays, be real. Don’t tell the pastor, you’ll be there every Sunday and you start missing service. Just be real- You’ll go when you can.

Meet New People

Meeting new people and visiting new places is a  great way to broaden your horizons. You know what they say, “You can’t do the same things every year.” You definitely can’t do the things you want, if you are surrounded by people who don’t like to do anything new. How do you expect different results when you do the same things? You complain about your friends but you still hang out with them every week, doing the same things you did since 2010. It’s time to branch out. It’s always nice to have different sets of friends. It symbolize a different you.

Read More

Reading really is fundamental. Most of us don’t have a problem starting to read a book, I think we have a problem with finishing them. We start reading great books and we are enjoying it but unfortunately, as soon as anything comes up we drop the book and never pick it back up. Nothing against the book, we just have more “important” things to do than read. I mean if you’re busy making money, never mind what I said, you’re excused. If you don’t have a job or kids, what are you doing with yourself? Read my people- This is how we stay ahead of the game and educate ourselves. Especially, since everyone has an ipad, kindle or smart phone. We can always read while we are on the go.

Stop Drinking

Drinking for some of us is an occasional thing, but for many, it’s an every day thing. So we decide that we will slow down and stop drinking all together. That’s a little extreme, considering at every function there will always be a bottle flowing. You know your will power isn’t that strong yet to just give up on drinking, let alone pass on a little glass. That’s your excuse- it’s one little glass. That one little cup of alcohol has you back to drinking. Stop telling people you are going to stop drinking. We don’t believe you, you need more people. Just take it, one day/drink at a time!

Stop Smoking

The funniest excuse I ever heard was, I haven’t smoked in a year, but I realized that Mary Jane ain’t never did nothing to me! Hard to stop smoking when you think like this. Whether it’s Mary Jane or a cigarette, think about your health if you don’t have a prescription for medical marijuana. Plus it’s bad for you, hygienically.

Stop Cheating

Cheating is a big problem and someone who’s planning to stop cheating is just kidding themselves. I mean, did they plan to start cheating in the first place? It just happened and that’s why it’s going to be hard for them to just completely stop, unless they have a life changing experience. This isn’t likely going to be one of those overnight changes.

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