My Ice-T/Coco Moment: The Time My Man Took Indecent Photos With Other Women And Thought It Was Okay

December 20, 2012  |  

You probably haven’t been paying much attention like that, but last week in Hollyweird, there was drama between rapper/actor Ice-T and his wife, the forever half-dressed Coco. While the “model” is well-known for showing off her interesting assets via Instagram, her hubby wasn’t too happy to see that while in Vegas, she took some pics with another rapper, named AP.9, that were just a bit too friendly. Cheeks were touching, kissy faces were made, there was even some snuggling. And while Coco probably thought they were innocent, when the images were put all together in picstitch form, it’s clear that she should have been somewhere with her husband and not hugged up with this random fool. Ice felt the same way, because he lambasted his lady on Twitter for the pictures:

“Don’t get it twisted, I’m not happy about this s**t. Most of [the pics] are disrespectful and in bad taste. She’s made me look and feel like s**t. I say this on Twitter because there’s no way to avoid the obvious misconduct of a married couple.”

And if that wasn’t bad enough, the rapper she was doing the most with in the photos, AP.9, has most recently claimed that he has pictures of Coco naked that she took while with him in a private room. Clearly this guy is not feeling any kind of way about causing drama between the couple, but that’s what thirsty people do for attention, right?

I really didn’t care much about this story when it dropped. I don’t watch the couple’s reality show, I’m not really a fan of Coco’s attire a majority of the time, and when Ice-T isn’t on Law & Order: SVU, I honestly don’t need to know what he’s up to. But I found myself feeling a certain way after I saw the pictures of Coco and AP.9 being very inappropriate. This is because I suddenly remembered that I had been in Ice-T’s place, where my partner was caught taking suspect pics with other women, and it was sooooooo embarrassing.

While in a pretty serious relationship in college, my boyfriend at the time was celebrating his birthday. I had a lot of big plans for him the day before, but as his big day came upon us, I came down with flu-like symptoms that I couldn’t hide for anything. We did lunch, I gave him his gift, and seeing how terrible I appeared physically, my boyfriend thanked me for my attempts, but told me I was more than welcome to go home and get some rest. And that’s what I did.

The next day, I woke up feeling much better, only to see that my boyfriend had been tagged in a bunch of photos that appeared in my timeline on Facebook. As a quick back story, for some reason, my boyfriend was friends with a girl that I had known first and fallen out with. I accepted that they were cool because I’m not one to give demands about who people can and can’t hang out with. But because she and I fell out so badly, imagine my surprise and rage when I saw that not only had she been in the photos with my boyfriend, but she was acting very inappropriately with him in every picture they were in. This heffa girl and two of her friends went to my boyfriend’s dorm room and brought him a cake for his birthday. While that was sweet, what proceeded was a hot a** mess. Back in the day, Facebook was all about bored people taking pictures on a random night and putting the pics online to show everyone, and that’s what they did. These ladies proceeded to kiss my man on his cheeks, sit on his lap, wrap their hands around his chest, jump up in his arms (booty all in the air), and there was even one EXTREMELY disrespectful picture of my enemy and my boyfriend, him holding her legs as if they were doing the wheelbarrow position (clothes on). She was hella smug in the photos, almost as if she was laughing at my dumb sick behind as I was laid up in the bed trying to get back to my healthy self. And while I could have snatched her (I did in my head), I came for his head, not hers, because he should have known and done better.

When I picked up the phone and called him, I can’t tell you how enraged I was. Not only had he behaved inappropriately, and with a chick I had personal issues with, but he embarrassed me by letting himself be tagged in photos that were seen by many people. After breaking down for him all the ways in which he had gone wrong, he clicked through the photos and realized that they were really and truly bad. He apologized for his mistake then, but even now, the photos are still under “Photos of Me” on his page. This is one of like 200 reasons why things didn’t work out between us.

You know, it’s already hard enough for people to be comfortable with folks having friends of the opposite sex, but when stuff like this happens, trust that you’re supposed to have in your partner definitely starts to diminish a little. What my ex-boyfriend did that he thought was so innocent was actually almost as bad as him cheating, because he not only played himself publicly, but he played me publicly too. Not to mention that he had my friends calling me acting a fool too (one of my close girlfriends at school even took it upon herself to have words with that ex-friend/enemy of mine and drama ensued). Aside from trust being a huge thing in a relationship, RESPECT is essential. When a person does things to compromise their relationship because they were trying to be “cute” or friendly with others, they’re being extremely disrespectful. And even though Ice shouldn’t have checked her on Twitter (tackalicious), she definitely needed a talking to. While me and my college boo didn’t make it for this reason and many more, hopefully this issue will be something Ice and Coco can get past. But for now, let’s hope that the only person she stays hugged up on is her man. Oh, and maybe those really cute bulldogs they own (no more balls in face pics though please)…

Photo courtesy of The Jasmine Brand.

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