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It seems like everything good on TV today is a reality show and that trend is far from over. The good news is bottle throwing and name calling has mostly become passe and there are at least a few decent shows being added to the mix.  Here are 15 shows of that variety that you can tune into next year — and a couple suspect ones that you’ll probably want to avoid.

Totally T-Boz

This is one you should’ve caught last night. T-Boz’s new reality show is about her moving from Atlanta to LA with her family and revamping her music career and it made it’s debut on TLC January 1. I am so ready for T-Boz to get on TV and keep it real.

Real Husbands of Hollywood

This new “unreality” show by funny man Kevin Hart started out as a joke sketch for the 2011 BET awards, but then BET picked it up for real. So far, Kevin Hart, Robin Thicke, Boris Kodjoe, Duane Martin and J.B. Smoove are scheduled to appear. It’s a semi-scripted spoof on all of those Real Housewives/Basketball Wives/Love and Hip Hop shows and if it’s anything like those hilarious BET Awards sketches it’s going to be one of the best things on next season.

The Ex Jumpies Reality Show

That isn’t really the name but this so-far nameless new reality show  is scheduled to air on TLC and feature the mad ex jump offs of rappers, entertainers and ballers.

50 Cent’s baby mama Shaniqua Tompkins will be on it and so will Lamar Odom’s ex-wife Lisa Morales. As far as I can tell it’s going to be all about bitter baby mamas who don’t have nothin’ nice to say about the dudes they used to cut. Get ready for a bunch of fightin’ and back bitin’. This is one of those shows you might wanna skip types we mentioned.

Bobby Brown’s New Reality Show

Sigh. Just to make sure we’ve had more than enough Brown drama, Bobby Brown is staring in his own reality show. It doesn’t have a title or release date yet but it’s sure to be full of mess and Tomfoolery. I’m gonna watch it and all, but shouldn’t Bobbi’s daddy be trying to mend his relationships and get on a show with her?

Seeds of Hip Hop

The next generation of hip hop royalty is said to be getting their own reality show. It’s about the young heads coming up and making it on their own. So far, it is scheduled to feature Eazy E’s son Eric Lynn Wright, Jr. , Dr. Dre’s son Curtis Young, MC Ren’s son Anthony Dunbar, E 40’s son Droop-E and Jam Master Jay’s son Jason Mizell. There’s no word yet on when it will come out but shooting on the reality show begins next month.

The Real Out Of Work Negros of the NFL

Before you get too excited, this reality show is just a joke started by Chris Paul on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. But the Real Husbands of Hollywood started as a joke too and this idea sounds just as good.

Paul’s idea was for T.O., Chad Johnson and Plaxico Burress to get together and do a show to let the NFL know that they’re still in tip top shape and ready to play. I could care less about football, but I’d like to see a reality show featuring those brothers in training. When are sistas going to get some reality show eye candy?

The Real Mistresses of Atlanta

This show is produced by Memphitz and it promises to keep it real like those Housewives shows should have. It will feature strictly side chicks of Atlanta’s famous up and comers.

It has been described as “pure ratchetness” and it’s got all the bucket drama we secretly love. Maliah Michelle, Sarah Oliver and a bunch of other strippers and video vixens are scheduled to act a fool in the show.

It’s currently being shopped around to a few different networks. How scandalous is it? This is the end line of the web trailer: If a B***h got a pu**y and she aint got a million dollars, she needs to see a psychiatrist.” Wow.

Strip Club Queens

Sigh. Is reality just going to get more and more ratchet until we just follow prostitutes around the trap? This new show follows the strippers of Stadium, a D.C. strip club. Delmond Newton, the show’s creator, promises that the series keeps it classy and will make audiences say “Now I know why girls strip.” I don’t know about all that…

Deion Sanders and Tracey Edmonds’ New Show

Deion is trying reality again and his new boo Tracey Edmonds is going to produce it. That feels a little tacky to me seeing as things with Deion and Pilar just fell apart,  but hey, she knows the risk of mixing business with pleasure. The show is expected to mostly focus on Deion and “the next chapter of his life” whatever that means.

Sister Love

This show could actually be good. It’s about five sisters who are trying to make it in the industry in acting, public relations, and journalism. Finally a show about sisters doing something positive for themselves and not through some man! The YouTube trailer is already out but there’s no word on where and when it will be hitting our television sets.

Life with La Toya

I know I’m wrong for wanting to see LaToya’s show just to see what a day in the life of crazy is like, but I also know I’m not the only one. La Toya’s show is scheduled to premier sometime this year on Oprah’s network, OWN.

Motor City Wives

We’ve apparently entered the era where everyone who’s ever jumped on a celebrity deserves to get their own reality show. Motor City Wives will feature Deelishis from “Flavor of Love”, Eminem’s ex Kim Mathers, Sara Stokes of “Making The Band,” and some other ladies who have too much time on their hands. This is reportedly going to be another masterpiece brought to you by the good folks at VH1 but so far there’s no estimated premiere date.

Big Pippen

Scottie Pippen came back from bankruptcy and his new show is going to feature his baller lifestyle and his relationship with his wife Larsa. Apparently they both have big, loud families with lots of reality show worthy drama to bring to WE TV.

Moguls in the Making

Reality shows are so hot right now there is even a bootleg one. Moguls in the Making will feature up and coming hip hop artists like Maino trying to come up in the game (even though they’ve already been around for a hot minute and had their fifteen minutes of fame.)

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