Double Take! 14 Actors Who Had Two Roles In The Same Movie

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Getting a role in any movie is a feat in itself, but there have been several actors who have been given the chance to have two or more roles in one movie. For actors this means double duty, but rarely do they seem to mind the extra work involved. Here are 14 actors who have had two roles in the same movie.

Arsenio Hall

In the movie Coming to America, Arsenio Hall played a variety of roles. He was given the lead role of Semmi as well as the role of Morris, Reverend Brown, and the “Extremely Ugly Girl.” Needless to say, it was funny to see Arsenio dressed as a woman.

Mike Myers

In the movie Goldmember, Mike Myers had four different roles. He of course played Austin Powers, but also Goldmember, Fat Bastard, and Dr. Evil. Oddly enough, Austin Powers fights against himself in the movie as he works to pursue Dr. Evil.

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry is an extremely versatile actor, so it’s not surprising that he’s done a few dual-role movies. His most notable roles include Daddy Joe and Mable “Madea” Simmons in the movie Diary of a Mad Black Woman.

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy pretty much played a majority of the roles in the movie Nutty Professo,r as well as all of the movies that followed. The power of makeup is definitely evident in the movie as Eddie not only plays the role of a man, but the role of an overweight man and an aging grandmother. He also played a bunch of roles in the movie Coming to America, most notably all the guys in the barbershop, on top of being Prince Akeem Joffer.

Adam Sandler

In the movie Jack and Jill, Adam Sandler played the role of both Jack and Jill Sadelstein. Adam Sandler usually has very funny movies but this one failed to deliver. Critics alike rated it very poorly despite getting to watch Adam Sandler portraying a woman.

Ben Affleck

In the movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Ben Affleck got the chance to play two roles. He was given the chance to play himself as well as the role of Holden McNeil. The movie went on to earn $33,788,161 from worldwide theaters.

Armie Hammer

In the movie The Social Network, which told the story of Facebook, Armie Hammer was able to play the role of both Winkelvoss twins. In the movie, the twins quickly befriend Mark Zuckerberg, and then battle with him for rights to the website. Clearly, money talks, and Facebook still reigns as the top social networking website today!

Michael J. Fox

In the movie Back to the Future Part II, Michael J. Fox played the role of Marty McFly as well as his future son, Marty McFly, Jr. He also got in touch with his feminine side and portrayed Marlene McFly. Clearly this movie allowed Michael J. Fox to keep it all in the family!

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage played the role of the Kaufman brothers, Charlie and Donald, in the movie Adaptation. The movie is a semi-autobiographical film that tells the story of twin brothers, one who is trying to make it big as a screenplay writer and the other who is a complete moocher. Nicolas Cage won an Academy Award for his role in the movie.

Leonardo DiCaprio

In the movie The Man in the Iron Mask, Leonardo was able to play two roles that required completely different personalities. His first role was that of King Louis XIV who was a heavy handed ruler. His other role was Philippe, the king’s benevolent brother. Nothing like split-personality acting.

Sacha Baron Cohen

The Dictator was Sacha Baron Cohen’s first shot at becoming a dual-role actor while still maintaining his funny, sarcastic, and outright crazy side. In the movie he played the role of Aladeen as well as the role of Efawadh. The movie wasn’t rated as one of Sacha’s best roles however.

Ewan McGregor

In the 2005 movie The Island, Ewan McGregor played two different roles. His first tole was Lincoln Six Echo and his second role was Tom Lincoln. His double role is quite fitting since the movie is about a harvestable human who is basically kept alive for replacement parts.

Jason Isaacs

In the 2003 movie Peter Pan, Jason Isaacs had two important roles. He was given the role of Captain Hook as well as Mr. Darling. The movie pulled in a lot more money and was better received than the original 1953 version.

Mel Brooks

In the movie Spaceballs, Mel Brooks plays the role of Yogurt as well as the role of President Skroob. The movie is a funny parody of the nerdy series, Star Wars. Not only did Mel Brooks have two roles in the movie, he also directed it.

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