You Go GIRL! 9 Ways We’re All Gina Waters

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Who didn’t love the show “Martin”? It was awesome. In addition to the comedic genius that was Martin Lawrence, “Martin Payne,” there was “Gina Waters” (Tisha Campbell), who was a comedienne in her own right. The show has been regarded as such a classic because of the almost palpable chemistry between Martin and Gina. In all of those laughs, you might have failed to realize how strong of a character Gina was and how much she’s just like the rest of us.

Down for her man

The best thing about Gina and Martin’s relationship was that even though they seemed radically different from one another, they both loved to clown. Despite the undeniable romantic chemistry they shared, Martin and Gina genuinely seemed like friends.  They brought out the best in each other. Gina could stand to lighten up and Martin needed to be more serious at times. And no matter how many times, Martin found himself in some mess; Gina was always there to help him come up out of it and encourage him to do better. If we’re lucky, many of us will end up in a relationship, where our partner complements us in all the right ways and we can have fun with him or her.

A little clutsy at times

Martin wasn’t the only one who often found himself in sticky situations, Gina was no stranger her own share of mishaps. There was the time she got that boot on her car and didn’t want to tell Martin. Homeboy had her running all around the city, looking broke down than a mug. Then there was the time she and Martin were doing too much and her head got stuck in that bed frame right before her presentation for her job. Then, most memorably, that time she broke out in hives, just in time for Martin’s class reunion. How many times, have you been so looking forward to attending an event, only to have everything fall apart at the last minute? No matter how fly we are, it happens to the best of us.

The episode is just too classic for me not to include it, so check out the video below:

About her business

What we truly dug about Gina was that even though the show centered around her relationship with the crazy Martin Payne, she was an accomplished woman in her right. She was a woman doing her thing as in Public Relations. We know from her talk about those presentations, to the very fly business attire, that she was doing something major.

She had to do a little work with her man

Anybody who’s watched the show one or two times, knows that Gina helped mold Martin into a better man. Not saying that she tried to change him or anything, (I don’t believe in that.),what she did do was show him, without nagging, ways that he could grow up a little bit a become a better partner to her but also a better man in general. If you’ve been with a man for a while, chances are you’ve helped him grow in ways that may have never occurred to him before. And if he’s a good one, he’s done the same for you.

Parents who might not understand your him

Have you ever brought somebody home to your parents, only to have them give him the severest of side eyes? That was certainly the case when Martin met the Waters family. It was really all just a big misunderstanding but eventually they learned to appreciate him for who he was. Hopefully, you, your man and your parents can come to a similar understanding.

Your man and your friends fight like brothers and sisters

On the surface it would seem like Martin and Pam hated each other. She was always bagging on him about being less of a man because of his short stature and he always had an insult about her breath, hair or wanting to liken her to a dog. (Remember Scrappy Doo and Angela Bassett-Hound?) He always went for the jugular. They fought all the time but when the chips were down, it was clear that they would support each other. Actually, in the finale, Pam told Martin that he was a real friend to her and kissed him goodbye. Just because your man and your homegirl are always taunting each other and bickering back and forth, it doesn’t mean that they hate each other, all that playing might just be their way of relating.

Falling in love with a man who might not have been your type

Chances are, if you were to describe a man like Martin to Gina, she probably wouldn’t have been interested. And chances are, if you’ve dated for a little bit, you know that  more often than not, you end up with a man who is completely unlike what you would have envisioned for yourself.

Waiting for him to get serious

Aaah the ugly side of long term relationships… whether you’re waiting for him to ask you to “be his girlfriend” or pop the question, sometimes…a lot of times, men are just not on the same timetable as we are. Though he might not be in all that much of a rush, just like with Gina and Martin, if he doesn’t want to lose you, he’ll eventually step up.

Problems with the mother-in-law

Just like Gina’s parents took a while to get used to Martin, Momma Payne, certainly wasn’t too fond of Gina. You know how mothers are, it’s hard for them to let go of their sons, even if the woman is a right fit for him. Mama Payne was certain that Gina was trying to take her place, which is why she was quick to admit when Gina had done something wrong in her eyes, or to be petty and talk about the size of her forehead.

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