Can I Be Your Wifey? Please? Pretty Please? Celebrities Who are Thirsty for a Ring

December 20, 2012  |  
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We love Bey, but Put a Ring On It gave a lot of thirsty chicks the wrong impression. Lots of women want to get married, but some celebrity women are so thirsty for a ring that they’re scaring men off. Nothing’s wrong with being upfront about what you want, all we’re saying is can you give him a chance to like it first so he can put a ring on it?!

Kim Kardashian

This chick is in such a hurry to wife Kanye that she can’t even wait for her last marriage to end.

Jessica Simpson

Remember when Jessica was in her early twenties and all holier than thou and “marriage first”? Now your girl is older and two babies in to a ringless relationship. Well, she has the ring, but the marriage part is what’s taking some time. Jessica and Ed Johnson announced their engagement in November 2010. Two years and no wedding? She’s got to be getting antsy.


You’ve got to feel a little sorry for Brandy. She wanted to be married so bad that she lied about it during her first reality show. And now she’s pressuring her boo Ryan Press to get married. I think every interview she’s given mentions her empty ring finger.

For months she’s been dropping quotes like “I know the ring is coming,” “I think I’ll know when I get my ring,” and “I’m 33. It’s time to be married for real this time.”

She better chill out before that man runs for the hills.


Kimbella’s been popping off in interviews and dropping side hints at Juelz by saying she won’t wait as long as Crissy did to get married. But apparently Juelz hasn’t gotten the hint. The (second) baby is here and there’s still no ring. If she’s that thirsty she might be better off looking for a ring somewhere else.

Kate Gosselin

Ya’ll remember Kate and those 8 babies? Turns out your girl is real lonely these days. In an interview with Dr. Drew Pinsky, she teared up and said she was “so lonely” and  just looking for anyone who could tolerate 8 kids. But I don’t know who’s going to put a ring on a whole football team worth of folk at the same time. Jon was wrong for leaving her to raise those babies alone.

Kat Von D

I know that DeadMau5 just proposed to her on Twitter a few days ago, but she’s going to stay on my thirsty list until she can keep a man. She’s been engaged four times already and hasn’t managed to make it down the aisle once.

Gabrielle Union

Some would say Gabrielle Union was so thirsty for a husband that she took somebody else’s. We won’t go there, but few are believing Gabrielle’s claim that she’s in no rush to get married. Many think that’s just a cover because Dwyane is nowhere near close to proposing but you have to think that at 40, if she’s thinking about having kids one day, they are going to have to get that marriage show on the road. At least she does have one ring to boast about — a championship ring.

Joseline Hernandez

Joseline is so thirsty that she lied and said that she and Stevie J were engaged. She even went so far as to put on a fake engagement ring talkin’ bout “It’s just a little something I wear.” If Stevie didn’t marry MiMi in 15 years, what makes you think he’s going to wife you? We have to say, though, that Joseline is the only one on this list who isn’t thirsting after a ring for love. She already told us on the reunion all she wants from Stevie is his package and his money.

Taylor Swift

The pop star has dated 13 guys in the last 2 years and rumor has it that her relationships might be falling apart because she’s so thirsty for the ring. While she was dating her last boyfriend Conor Kennedy — a high school junior — word got out that she was pressuring him to elope to Las Vegas and get her pregnant right after. Connr burned shortly after that. I don’t blame him.

Farrah Abraham

Before Kenya Moore embarrassed herself on TV and demanded that her man propose, Teen Mom star Farrah ambushed her boyfriend on a romantic vacation. They’d only been dating a month but Farrah demanded that he propose. They broke up right after that.

Britney Spears

Back in 2011, Britney Spears announced that her man Jason Trawick had to propose by the end of the year or she was out. It’s 2012 now and they’re still together and Britney is still thirsting for holy matrimony even tough they have so much beef that they’re sleeping in separate bedrooms. Sometimes you’re too thirsty to let it go when it’s time.

Christina Aguilera

This poor girl has been thirsting for a ring for two years now. Back in 2011, she was so desperate to get engaged she made the InTouch Weekly gossip column because she went around town joking that she was going to propose to Matthew Rutler if he didn’t pop the question first. But sources said that made her boy so nervous she calmed it down. It’s the end of 2012 and they’re not engaged yet. Reel him in girl.

Karlie Redd

We all know that had Benzino actually proposed to Karlie Redd, she would have more than gladly accepted. Karlie isn;t trying to get married for love, but she will get wifed by whoever she thinks can make her career happen. Why else would she move in with a man who she’d only known for a few weeks at most?

Kenya Moore

We couldn’t leave out the thirstiest of the thirst. Never in the history of TV has a woman appeared so thirsty for a ring as Kenya Moore. She can’t go half a day without mentioning marriage and babies — and she’s clearly not above being fake in love just to say someone put a ring on it.

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