‘I Will Forever Be Gone With The Wind Fabulous:’ Kenya Claims She’s Not Stressing The Walter-Porsha Shade

December 18, 2012  |  


It was only a matter of time before Kenya had to explain why she went all Scarlet O’Hara on everybody during Sunday night’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Truthfully though, I can see the resemblance. Like Scarlet, Kenya is totally oblivious as to why she leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouths and why no one trusts a word that comes out of hers, but in her latest Bravo blog, she calls herself explaining her antics, not only as they pertain to Porsha Stewart, but also her on-camera man, Walter. Here’s what she had to say about her love life:

“I moved to Atlanta around February, for one, hoping to rekindle the relationship I had with Walter. He was still single, said he wanted to have more children, said he could see me as his wife and wanted the same things I did. I moved forward hoping that I could have everything with him. When the RHOA came along in April, he couldn’t have been happier for me and said he didn’t mind our relationship being followed on TV. He intimated to me that he wanted to be married to me and that it would happen soon. I’m always talking about it on the show because he made it seem imminent. It was an exciting time for me.

“NeNe is a good judge of character, which is why we are friends. I think she saw something that I didn’t see or didn’t want to see when we were in Anguilla.

She is really trying to get us to believe she had no clue Walter was a phony, huh? Typically I’m not one to take a man’s side because the entire species has been known to tell women all sorts of lies to get what they want, but I’m not sure Walter wanted anything of what Kenya had to offer — except maybe time on camera. And even the most clueless of women usually knows when a man is just telling her what she wants to hear. Everyone at home knew Walter wasn’t in to her from the first time he appeared on RHOA. She can’t possibly expect us to believe she didn’t put the pieces together until last week can she?

Moving on to the other hot mess in her life, Kenya went on to explain why she got so antebellum turnt up during the argument with Porsha, and as I suspected, she seemed to be more perturbed at Porsha calling her old, rather than a tramp. She wrote:

“Being called old is the last dirty word you can call a woman. The fact is, if we are lucky we will all age graciously with wisdom, grace, and dignity…

[insert random reflection on Connecticut shooting victims]

“When an insecure woman is jealous, immature, spiteful, and/or ignorant, they will always try to tear an accomplished, beautiful woman down in order to feel better about their own lack of success. However, one cannot rewrite history. My legacy is untouchable, and I’m most proud of my professional achievements and accomplishments I have been able to bequeath despite the odds.”…

[insert random ode to Hattie McDaniel.]

“I’m Kenya Moore. I’m 41 and fabulous! My age, race, religion, social economic standing, and marital status are not indicators of my past, present, or future as I too can defy the odds just like Hattie. I am bold. I am humble. I am strong. I am complicated. I am complex. I am vulnerable. I am resilient. I am good. I am honest –That’s what makes me fabulous.

“I will forever be GONE WITH THE WIND FABULOUS. And I hope I can inspire others to be Gone With The Wind fabulous too at any age.

Anyone else feel like Kenya was about to bust into the 2012 version of Phenomenal Woman for a minute? Kenya was doing a whole lot in this post. I can’t say I’d mix the tragedy that is the Sandy Hook massacre with the silliness of women acting on reality TV and then throw in a little Hattie McDaniel to make my point but hey, we all have different hustles.

It’s good to see she’s at least trying to clean up her rep and not continuing the craziness we see on television in  her blogs.  That being said, I’m having a hard time figuring out which side of Kenya is really real. Any guesses?

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