Oh, The School Games: How He Knows You’re Into Him

December 18, 2012  |  
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You’re scheming about the way, place and time you’ll finally tell him you want to be more than friends. You’re fantasizing about the way he’ll respond. To you, it will be a big, explosive, game-changing reveal! Meanwhile, he already knew months ago you liked him…surprise! Here’s how he knows.

Everything’s an excuse to talk about him

When in a group with him, any topic somebody brings up is an excuse for you to tell them about something funny he did, or some accomplishment of his.


You giggle at everything he does

Think about it: when someone you’re not into spills on themselves, you don’t giggle! You say, “Oh no! I’m so sorry! Let me get you a napkin.” But when the guy you’re into is a clutz, you giggle. And trust me, he notices that that is not a normal reaction.

You’re in a good mood when you shouldn’t be

He’s a co-worker and you’re somehow bright and cheery to see him at the 6 am meeting your boss called, he’s a neighbor and during a fire, you’re smiling to find him out on the street. That’s not normal!

Your friends give it away

They say, “Oh I’ve heard about you!” when they meet him. Or, when he tells them a story, they say, “I heard about that!” He’s not your best friend or someone you hang out with regularly. There is no other reason besides you crushing on him for you to be talking about him so much.

You ask how he’s doing when he’s sick

There are four kinds of people who check in on you when you’re not feeling well: 1) Your family 2) Your friends 3) Somebody who wants something from you and is sucking up 4) Someone who is crushing on you. If he knows he’s none of those first three, then he knows.


You stutter

We only stutter when we’ve prepared what we’re going to say. And we only prepare what we’re going to say when we really, really want to make an impression. If it’s obvious you’re so disappointed in yourself that something didn’t come out just the way you wanted, he knows you like him.

Your voice goes up when you answer the phone

When you’re comfortable or casual with someone, your voice stays pretty monotone when you answer the phone. But when someone you like calls, your voice goes up and back down a little.

Your eyes give it away

When a human being looks at something she likes, her pupils dilate. And they blink a lot, or barely at all.

You mention his Facebook posts

We have selective sight when it comes to the constantly updating newsfeed on Facebook. If you’re like most people, you have 200 to 500 friends. That’s a lot of people to keep up with. So, why do you “happen” to notice his posts every day?

You smile when you’re silent

Most people leave their mouth hanging open, or look really concerned, or have their eyes glazed over when they’re not speaking to anyone, and just focus on a book or their work. But, when in the presence of someone you’re really into, you unconsciously smile when you’re just sitting in silence. Don’t think he doesn’t see that.

You pep talk him

Anytime he is worried about something, or about to put on a presentation at work, or play in a big game, you say a few lines about how well he’ll do. Every. Time. You seek him out to give him those encouraging words. Most people just get a “good luck!”

You ignore texts/calls for him

Face it: in this day and age, there is no sacred space safe from the phone. People answer their texts and calls immediately if their phone is within arm’s reach. If you actually ignore your texts and calls while talking to this guy, he knows you’re into him.

You over share with him

When you like a guy, you want him to know your intimate secrets and personal going-on’s. If and when it’s clear you’re upset, you tell everyone else, “I’m fine!” and then in a hush-hush tone fill him in, he knows you feel a little differently about him.

You remember little things

He mentioned he had a scratchy throat and you pick up some Ricola. You were “at the store anyway.” He mentions he loves a certain band and you post the link to a site offering discounted tickets on his Facebook page. Little details most people don’t hear—you hear them all.

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