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I’ve never really been a fan of clothes. I have a moderate to normal appreciation for the art that is fashion and I enjoy being warm when I step out of the house just as much as the next person. But if there were an option to go without clothing without freezing, being arrested or raped, I’d certainly take it. I’d just rather go naked. When I come home from work, after I take my shoes off and wash my hands, the first thing I do is take my pants, or skirt or dress off. If it’s cold I’ll put some variation of sweat pants on, if not, I don’t. I just prefer not to be confined.  I spend most of my time at home in various states of undress. To me being naked is the epitome of being free and it certainly encourages body acceptance. The more time you spend naked, the more you get used to your body, learn how to dress it and how to accept it for what it is, “flaws” and all.

So I’m always surprised to learn that people don’t feel the same way about nudity as I do. I can’t count the number times I’ve asked in sincere confusion, “You don’t walk around your house naked?” I’ve always wondered why some girls would change in a bathroom stall instead of in the lockeroom with the rest of us, or why people don’t at least remove their shoes when they step into the house. But if anything surprised me the most about people clinging to their clothes, it was the fact that women, apparently a lot of women, were so hell-bent on sleeping in underwear. Why? For security, in case you have to run out of the house quickly? I don’t really get it. By the time, I hit puberty and started really paying attention to my lady flower, I ditched the drawers at night. It’s more comfortable for me and I was always taught, and later health professionals confirmed, that it’s healthy for the vadge to breathe. And what better time to do that than at night.

I don’t know about you; but I always feel like my underwear is so demanding at night. Without pants or stockings to hold it in place, my panties are always trying to seek refuge inside my lips or cheeks whenever I happen to toss and turn. I’m not willing to sacrifice good sleep for some uncooperative drawers; so I rip them off, sometimes in irritated subconsciousness. Think about it, all day your velvet glove is imprisoned. As a writer, I’m seated most of the day and things can get a little tight…and hot down there, in between my thighs, so by the time I get home she’s begging to be set free. And because I love her and she’s likely to be right back in the same predicament tomorrow, I unlock those dungeon doors that are my buttons and zipper and allow her to breathe easy throughout the night. If this, my vadge, is the vehicle by which I’ll one day bring life into the world, that’s the least I can do for her.

Based on what I’ve shared at this point, it’s probably not surprising that I get the best sleep when I’m completely naked and I can feel the smoothness of my sheets cradling every curve and crevice throughout the night; but I know quite a few people aren’t ready for that, so we’ll take the baby step of losing the underwear. Though it’s not absolutely imperative that you go commando while you sleep, doing so can actually decrease the likelihood catching a yeast infection. Materials that aren’t natural, like polyester, –the stuff your cheaper lingerie is made of–can seal in moisture and make it more likely for you to catch a yeastie. No one wants that.

So now we’ve come to the call of action. If you’re one who likes to wear your underwear during the night, try sleeping without them tonight or the next night and see how you make it through. If that’s good to you, then next week feel free to try full on nudity. Baby steps.

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