True Life: I Lost A Friend After I Told Her About Herself

December 14, 2012  |  


When you truly care about someone, you have their best interests at heart. And that means that you tell them the truth about how it is, even  when it’s unpleasant.But sometimes, the people we love and care about just are not ready to receive that truth and instead of listening to our words of wisdom or taking our opinion with a grain of salt, they completely lash out and stop speaking to us entirely. It’s a common occurrence among women, so we asked our Facebook and Twitter followers, if this had ever happened to them. See what they had to say. 


Beth_anne: yes. That she was acting crazy trying to get knocked up “because mixed babies are cute.”


Eartha: Yes! Her man started hitting her in front of me I was like wtf! She was like Calm down this is what we do. Told me to leave!


Yvette: Yes. Telling her to stop restarting and just follow a path because she could no longer live the way she had. We’re barely friends now.


Ashley: I told my dearest friend that she had a serious drinking problem, was verbally abusive and racist while drinking, and needed to get help so she would stop driving with her daughter in the car while drunk. One night I was the designated driver and she kicked me out of the car and left me stranded on the side of the highway because I wasn’t ‘fit’ to drive her car and ‘black music’ wasn’t allowed to be played in her car. Needless to say we don’t speak any longer..


Meena: Yep. Major fallout on vacay in San Francisco. My ex-BFF was so narcissistic, rude and selfish. Once I told her it went all bad, haven’t spoken to her since.


Terria: Yes I did. A friend was about to marry someone she only known for 6 wks and met online. I told her it wasn’t a good idea and she needs to think about it


Erica: I told her to not get knocked up AGAIN by her alcoholic, DUI repeat offender boyfriend and apparently that made me a judgmental b*&^h.


Robin: I’ve been in this situation, and it was over a man. My best friend had her own place, car, money and was going to school to be a nurse. The noodle that she was messing with had no job, no money.. He was living off of her. Needless to say our friendship was ruined because she didn’t want to hear the truth and he didn’t like me.


Deanna: Told her to stop using her child as a pawn against the dad,because it wasnt right,and it would come bk on her… she let me have it,haven’t spoken to her in over 12yrs…. Smdh…..

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