I Knooooooooow You See It–Or Not: Do These Celebrities Actually Look Alike?

December 13, 2012  |  
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Maybe it’s the way they smile. Maybe it’s the eyes? Maybe it’s the nose? Whatever it is, for some reason, a lot of people see the following celebs and say, “Oh girl, I thought that was ___!” or “She looks like ___.” It’s easy to get people mistaken identity wise in Hollywood since so many people go out of their way to look similar, but do these celebrities who some vehemently think look similar ACTUALLY look similar??? That’s for you to let us know. Shall we? And yes, be prepared to click…per the usual…

Alicia Keys and Paula Patton

After A.Keys covered the January issue of Essence, she all of a sudden couldn’t avoid comparisons that she looked like actress Paula Patton of all people. I think this look-alike claim came about because of their similar cheesy but lovable smiles. And of course, these two women are the same complexion and have similar upbeat attitudes and personalities. However, aside from those things, I’m not sure I really see a resemblance. The two are beauties but they look very different in my book.

Bumper Robinson and Maxwell

Funny, when I heard of these two being said to be similar in looks, I had to laugh. But when a colleague brought the pictures about side by side of both actor Bumper Robinson (of “Different World,” “Living Single,” and “The Game” fame) and singer Maxwell, I had to stop laughing. Hey, they kind of share something similar in the face, but I can’t really put my finger on it. If Robinson actually grew his hair out into a luscious curly fro, I think it would be more apparent. What do you think?

Kid Cudi and Jean-Michel Basquiat

Now this comparison is spot on. I didn’t notice that the late artist, Jean Michel Basquiat, and the rapper, Kid Cudi, looked alike until I watched the unofficial video for a song by Cudi called “Ghost.” Video from Basquiat’s film Downtown 81 was matched to the music and not only did it fit perfectly, but it made a lot of people notice the resemblance between the men. Maybe it’s the eyes and the similar lifestyles? After looking at them side by side though, I’m sure you’ll see where I’m coming from.

Chris Rock and Mario

I think anytime Chris Rock gets physically compared to anyone I have to roll my eyes juuuuust a little bit. However, I can see why some might try and say these two look a little bit alike. They smile the exact same, they both do the goatee thing, and they both kind of have that whole pronounced nostril thing happening. Mario of all people wouldn’t be the first I would think of when I think of Chris Rock look alikes, but hey, this is much better than the comparisons between Rock and Chris Tucker. Now that one just didn’t make much sense at all.

Mila Kunis and Sarah Hyland from Modern Family

These two are another pair that I can actually understand the comparisons about. Hyland actually looks a great deal like what Mila Kunis looked like back during her That 70’s Show days. They both have the big eyes, similar nose and pretty much the same pout. The only real differences are in the fact that Hyland has a larger face, but if you ask me, these two are a physical match made only in Hollywood.


Mario Chalmers and Fabolous

The basketball player for the Miami Heat and everyone’s favorite rapper (of course I’m kidding) are sometimes paired together in look-alike slideshows and online in general, and we can definitely see why. While their statures are completely different, their faces on the other hand, are very similar to one another. The very nice lips, the eyes, the noses–their might be some small differences, but I can understand why someone would think they were related in some way (i.e., the question of whether or not they are cousins).

Leelee Sobieski and Helen Hunt

First off, can I say that I’m so glad that Helen Hunt is back in movies again!? Mad About You was my show! But anyway, back to the topic at hand, the veteran actress and the young starlet, Leelee Sobieski, have often been tagged as a duo who bears a lot of resemblance to one another. Their noses and the shape of their heads are similar, and when they smile, I can see some similarities, but as a whole, do they really look alike? Eh, I’ll let you decide on that one folks…

Natalie Cole and Kenya Moore

A colleague of mine actually just pushed this comparison due to the heavy Kenya Moore coverage we’ve had recently. I have a feeling that she thought these two looked similar because of the fact that they both have light eyes and chocolate skin, but their faces however, in my opinion, are nothing alike. Plus, I love me some Natalie Cole, she’s such a sweet person. But Kenya on the other hand….? Not so much. Hey, I’m just saying.

Nicki Minaj and Blac Chyna

Hey, you must look alike in some way, shape or form when you’re asked to be a sista’s body double. And with their love for curly wigs and a lot of make-up, I can agree with the similarities people find between rapper Nicki Minaj and stripper Blac Chyna. They love the same wigs, smile the same, and definitely have similar body types (natural or not, I can’t confirm any of that). And Nicki must agree with the comparisons, because she allowed Blac Chyna to dance around with her in the video for “Come On A Cone.”

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