These Are The Real Hot Topics: 15 Of Wendy Williams’ Shadiest Moves

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Wendy Williams has built her career on being the chick that you love to hate. She throws shade, hates, back bites and generally acts a fool on screen — and off. So, in honor of her propensity for controversy, let’s take a quick look at 15 of Wendy’s shadiest moments.

The PETA Ad Campaign

For a TV personality that claims she’s “real” and a “shock jock,” this seems rather phony to me. Wendy knows she throws down on ribs and would wear fur if it were in style. When asked about this PETA campaign, Wendy said, “I don’t really think that fur is the mark of success anymore.” If it were, I bet she’d be rockin’ a chinchilla. It irks me that she’s using a serious campaign to get a little publicity.

Bills, Bills, Bills

Wendy Williams recently made headlines when she ordered 12,140 shoes from Max Harvest International Holdings. They delivered the shoes but Wendy never delivered the $419,000 she owed for them. What’s worse is Wendy hasn’t said one word about why she hasn’t paid up or sent back the shoes. Now they have to sue her to get their money.

Wendy Made Whitney’s Death About Her

When Whitney died, Wendy Williams got on camera and teared up for the audience saying that the same thing almost happened to her. But back in 2003, Wendy dogged Whitney out about her crack use. It got so bad that Whitney said “If this were back in the day in Newark, I’d meet you outside.” Whitney refused to go on the show up until the day she died.

Wendy Built Her Career on Starting Mess

Whitney isn’t the only one who doesn’t like Wendy’s shady ways. Back in the day, Wendy made a living digging up dirt on celebrities and putting them on blast on the radio, even if those rumors turned out not to be true. Diddy, Mariah Carey, Usher and Tyler Perry have all said that they’ll never set foot on Wendy’s stage.

She Tried to Ruin Black Celebrity Careers

Back on Hot 97, Wendy Williams was famous for starting rumors that rappers like Tupac, Diddy, Eminem, LL Cool J and Usher were gay. It’s the reason why her haters list is so long. Those were the kind of rumors that could ruin a person’s career and she didn’t even think twice about trying to take those brothers down.

She Called Beyonce Dumb

We’ve all heard about this by now but this is a real classless move by Wendy Williams. Bey has a lot of fans and this may be one instance in a long line of trash talking that could put Wendy off TV.

Her Crazy Up Top Situation

I’m sorry but it needed to be said. There is no more concrete evidence that Wendy Williams is losing her mind than those ridiculously tig bittie implants. She’s already top-heavy and it looks like she’s about to tip over.

She Capped on Sisters Who Don’t Get Plastic Surgery

Not only has Wendy had lipo, a nose job and a boob job but she capped on sisters who Didn’t want to get those procedures done:

“And being black? Ugh, please. My people will not go for any kind of surgery. We are supposed to be natural. Ugh, whatever.”

Don’t hate on me because you’re not comfortable in your own body. I’m fine doing me.

She Is a Crab in a Bucket

Wendy may not be outing people on the regular but she still tries to tear other brothers and sisters down. We may not all agree with Kenya Moore lying about her past relationships on Real Housewives of Atlanta, but Wendy tried to ruin her career by saying:
“I don’t believe that’s your house. I don’t believe that’s your aunt on the show. I don’t believe that your real mother left you in a baby basket when you were young. I believe nothing that you say.
“Now it seems like there is no reason to watch the show. That lying, Kenya, is not very pageant girl like. You’ve even cut off your speaking money, when you get paid for speaking engagements, because now no one wants to hear from you.”

People lie and act on reality shows all the time. And reality shows and appearances are how Kenya eats. She’s just trying to make her paper like you. Why get on TV and say that no one should hire her again because she can’t be trusted. Black folk have enough trouble without fighting each other on the way to the top.

She’s Getting Too Big for Her Britches

Right now, Harrah’s Resort is suing Wendy Williams for not living up to her contract. She was supposed to make a two-hour appearance at The Pool at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey. But she left early, didn’t get on stage like she was supposed to and sat in a cabana demanding wine and champagne and to be left alone. If she doesn’t watch it, she’s going to find herself going back to radio.

She Tried to Cap on a 7 Year Old

Eden Wood is one of those little pageant girls that they dress up and parade around stage. I don’t really agree with putting girls in grown women’s clothes, but I had to give it to lil’ bit for standing up to Wendy.

While she had Eden on set, Wendy tried to criticize the baby’s swag and asked “Do I recognize extensions in your hair?” That’s when Eden snapped back, “What about your hair?” And Wendy had to say she wore a wig. That’s a bold 7 year old.

She Might Be on Her Way to a Lil’ Kim Transformation

When some black celebrities get paid, the first thing they do is separate themselves from their roots. Wendy changed her nose, got liposuction and lightened her hair. If she goes any further, she’s going to end up in the tabloids for her face and her attitude.

She Got Fired for Fighting on the J

Wendy Williams throws a lot of stones for someone who lives in a glass house. Back when she worked for Hot 97, she attacked her co-host Angie Martinez. The fight started because Wendy was trying to out her co-workers relationship with Q-Tip. Later Wendy says that she wasn’t really fired for assaulting her co-worker but because Diddy was pressuring the station to let her go because she started rumors about his sexuality. Whatever Wendy.

Hypocritical Behavior

Bethenny Frankel worked hard to parlay her reality show sting to a career as a talk show host. But after the first Bethenny show, Wendy went on the record saying that Bethenny “should keep her private life private” or she could “hurt her loved ones”.
Really Wendy? That’s exactly how you established yourself: exposing everyone’s private lives to anyone listening on the airwaves. The list of people Wendy has hurt with her career is too long to list.

She’s Not ‘Shamed to Shade Positivity

Remember back in the day when Tyra Banks took her wig and her makeup off on her show? She did it to empower the millions of girls out there and let them know that most models and actresses look average before they put their face and hair on.
But recently, Wendy tried to turn the positivity around and said that Tyra banks just did that because she was running out of ideas and that anyone who doesn’t opt for plastic surgery and wigs to look better was just jealous and couldn’t afford it. According to her, everyone could use some hair and surgical help:
“Because if I said to that person, ‘I got the doctor and I’m going to pay for it. Choose three things you want to do,’ believe me, they would get it done. They are very jealous and scared.”

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