You Thought Uncle Sam Was Playing When He Said Run Him His Money?! Celebrities Who Refuse To Pay Their Taxes

December 14, 2012  |  
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To put it plainly: This doesn’t make any sense. When you make millions on an album or a contract, you know the government has got to get it’s cut. But for some reason these celebrities thought taxes were optional and they tried to hold out on the Uncle Same as long as possible. Unfortunately for them, now they’re paying the price.

Flava Flav

Flav pulled the ultimate comeback when he started covering the reality show circuit. But where has our favorite Public Enemy been recently? Frying chicken. Flav’s Chicken & Ribs Restaurants are keeping your boy afloat while he pays back the $900,000 that he owes the IRS. But apparently the restaurant business is even tougher than the rap game. Two of his restaurants have closed thanks to bounced paychecks and missed bills. He’s opening a third one in Detroit soon. Let’s hope the third time is a financial charm.

Dionne Warwick

Dionne is 71 years old, still making albums and hiding out in Brazil. She says she loves it there and that may be true. But it’s also true that the IRS is on her back for the $2.2 million she owes in back taxes. How long is Miss Dionne going to have to sing before she gets her bills straight?

R. Kelly

Kells just had emergency throat surgery in 2011. It’s barely 2012 and he’s toured the world, pumped out the next chapter of Trapped in the Closet and he’s working on a Broadway play. Why can’t he sit down somewhere and recover? Probably because he owes $4.8 million dollars in back taxes. Those lawyers must have been expensive.

Chris Tucker

In the 1990s, Chris Tucker was the highest paid actor period. Now he’s trying to climb his way out of a hole that includes a $12 million bill from the IRS. I’ve heard of ball to you fall but this is ridiculous. Hopefully his new role in the new movie Silver Linings Playbook will bring in some paper just in time for Uncle Sam to take it right back.

Lil’ Kim

Lil’ Kim dropped off the map for a while and when she came back, she had a new face and over a milli in unpaid tax bills. She better work that Return of the Queen tour or she’s going to be right back in the clink.

Lauryn Hill

L-Boogie has been keepin’ it low for a long time. She pulled a Chappelle and ducked out of the spotlight for a minute. Now she’s back and performing with Nas even though she hasn’t released anything new. Her new hustle might be keeping her out of jail. Your girl might be facing three years for not paying taxes between 2005 and 2007.


Speaking of Nas, your boy owes the government over $6 million. And he’s so triflin’ about his bills they had to garnish his royalties. Now he’s released a new album — the first since his divorce — with Def Jam despite his beef with the label. But he’s called it Life is Good so maybe he’s trying to look on the bright side and finally start paying his bills at 40.


Kelis isn’t doing to well on the financial front either. I don’t wanna start any mess but maybe her wild spending was one of the reasons she and Nas got divorced. Now that Kelis is single, the IRS is after her for $600,000 in taxes in New York and California. But since she can’t have that much in wages to garnish, she’s dropping an album in 2013. Hopefully this time she’ll give the gub’ment its cut.

Bubba Sparxxx

Bubba only spent 15 minutes in the spotlight but he managed to not pay $200,000 in taxes while he was shinin’. But the IRS showed him how to be Ugly for real and they’re now garnishing his wages from whatever it is he’s doing now.


Everybody’s been wondering why Suge Knight wanted to manage Katt Williams especially now that he’s coo coo for Cocoa Puffs. It might be because Suge owes $6 milli in back taxes and he’s trying to make some quick paper off the comedian. The IRS better hope he pays his bill. I don’t want to be the dude in charge of demanding that money. Suge Knight keeps it really hood.


Funnyman Sinbad just refuses to pay taxes on gp we guess. In 2009, he made the state of California’s top 10 tax duckers list with $2.5 million in back taxes. Since then he’s filed for bankruptcy and sold his house. If he wants to stay out of jail he better follow Lauryn Hill’s lead, dust off some of those old jokes and get his giant behind back on stage.

Lionel Richie

Hello? Yes Lionel Richie, it’s you they are looking for. You owe over a million dollars in back taxes. Lionel doesn’t even have a good excuse for not paying. He’s 60 and probably filling up an arena while I type. What’s the deal Lionel?

Ruben Studdard

Ruben Studdard tickles me. He just opened the Ruben Studdard Foundation for the Advancement of Children in the Music Arts. But he needs to open the Ruben Studdard Foundation for not paying his taxes. He owes over $180,000 in back taxes from 2009. But maybe he’s counting on Letters from Birmingham to carry him through. The sound is kinda dated but your boy can sang.

Jamal Anderson

Jamal has been trippin’ since he quit playing football in 2001. He got caught snorting snow off of the back of a toilet in an ATL restaurant in 2009. In 2012, he caught a DUI. That’s a lot of going out and partying for a dude who owes $1.1 million to the IRS for taxes he hasn’t paid since 2007.

Young Buck

Young Buck’s IRS trouble is deep. He’s learning the hard way that the government does not play when it comes to its money. In July, they rolled up to his crib, took his chains, studio equipment and anything else that wasn’t bolted down and sold it for a little over $53,000. Your boy better get to renting studio time to pay what he owes before he has to start spitting his rhymes behind bars.

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