I’ma A Diva, I’ma I’ma A Diva: 15 Celebs With The Most Outrageous Demands

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The multiple homes, plushy cars, and extravagant jewelry pieces are fabulous, sure. But possibly the best part about being a celebrity is having the ability – dare I say right – to demand whatever is desired no matter how ridiculous, and not be given side eye for it. Remember that story about the 1980’s rock group, Van Halen, demanding a candy bowl full of M&M’s with all of the brown ones removed? Well that little request is piddly compared to some of the things these divas have demanded. Click through to find out.



Diva is the female version of a hustla… but not just any hustla if you’re Beyoncé. This diva demands a dressing room temperature set precisely at 78 degrees Fahrenheit, chicken wings seasoned with cayenne pepper, and Pepsi-products only; per her endorsement contract. And for the poor person(s) in charge of fulfilling these demands: they had better be sure not to look or speak to Beyoncé – another of her demands.


For Rihanna’s dressing room, the diva has made it crystal clear that only blue or black drapes with “icy blue” chiffon draped on top will do. Additionally, the star demands animal print throw rugs to walk on barefoot and 6 special candles to produce a “relaxed atmosphere.” Other meaningless must-haves: white couches and tables, apple pie (a la mode), and yellow roses with red trim.

Britney Spears

Want Britney Spears to perform at your shindig or make a tour stop in your city? Well then you’d better be prepared to fulfill a list of must-haves spanning five entire pages. Some of her mandates: a dressing room stocked full of Pop Tarts, Coca Cola, tuna salad and Doritos; a photo of Princess Diana: framed and visible; and a mocha latte from the Los Angeles Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (God forbid the latte come from any other Coffee Bean location). Oh and did I mention… Britney will be requiring that latte daily – regardless of your distance from Los Angeles.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez tops the list of demanding divas given the extremity of most of her demands. Of her most ridiculous – and there are many – is her requirement that no bed sheet touch her body if not Egyptian cotton and at least 250 thread count, that all of her rooms be set at exactly 80 degrees Fahrenheit (or its Celsius equivalent when she’s overseas), that Body Shop body butter be within arm’s reach at all times, that her dressing rooms and trailers be adorned in all white everything, and that expensive perfume be sprayed before she enter a dressing room.


M.I.A. may only have one hit song that I can remember (“Paper Planes”), but she sure has a ton of crazy demands; the least shocking of which are for Vitamin Water and European cheeses. But at a recent concert, the British-born star didn’t find it one bit unreasonable to demand that three female backup dancers between the ages of 20 and 25 be found, rehearsed, and clothed in full-body burqas (which also needed to be found) – just hours before the performance.

Kanye West

I know, I know. This list is titled “Demanding Divas…” implying women…, but based on Kanye’s unique set of ridiculous demands I felt he had earned a rightful place amongst the prima donnas.

So what exactly are these ridiculous demands? Well, during a performance in Australia, ‘Ye wasn’t wholly satisfied with his initial request that all of his sweat towels be Versace brand: imported and recut, so he supplemented that request with a demand that all of his chauffeurs wear clothing made of 100 percent cotton. Only the best for Kanye West.

Katy Perry

Let’s not even try to deny that Katy Perry’s tunes go hard, but as of 2011, so do her demands. The star wasn’t happy with the conduct of her drivers, so she implemented a 23-point “principle driver policy” whereby Perry’s chauffeurs must not only refrain from talking to her, but also from glancing up at their rearview mirror and looking at her! I never knew such a thing was legal in the United States…

Mary J. Blige

On a 35-city tour, Mary J. Blige demanded that not one, not two, not even five new toilet seats be installed in her dressing room bathrooms… No, Ms. Blige wouldn’t be happy unless 35 new toilet seats – one in each city – were installed for the comfort of her million-dollar behind. And that’s not all. It’s well known that Mary J. loves her privacy: so much so that her “Do Not Disturb” sign is outfitted with a whopping 26 exclamation points, in case the standard one happens to miss the maid’s eye. Apparently, being the Queen of R&B affords some extravagant privileges.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera’s judging role on “The Voice” has allowed her to be a diva in all new ways. Per her contract, the star is to be police escorted from her home to the studio and back for every taping to avoid traffic; she is also to be provided a male masseuse for the sole purpose of massaging her feet; and her humongous entourage of hairstylists and makeup artists is to be allowed to attend to the star as often as is needed. It’s even been reported that Christina’s demands and doting entourage are so extreme that Adam Levin and Blake Shelton, two of her voice co-judges, can’t help but talk about her behind her back.

Mariah Carey

We all know that Mariah Carey is a diva, but it wasn’t until candid reports began to reveal some of her exorbitant demands that we learned just how much of a diva she really is. When away from home, Mariah requires that new toilet seats and gold faucets be installed in her hotel suite bathrooms, that her personal bed linens be flown in to whichever destination she happens to be in, and that mineral water be acquired for no other reason than for her and her dog to take a bath in. There have even been rumors that the star once ordered 20 of her assistants to completely redecorate a store bathroom, all for just 2 hours of her personal use. I believe it.

Nicki Minaj

As hip-hop’s most demanding diva, Nicki Minaj requests – what seems like – enough items to stock a supermarket. Contact lense solution, Red bull, apple juice, fruit juice, fried turkey bacon, roses, and chewing gum are just a small, small sampling of the laundry list of items Nicki requires. To not seem totally unreasonable, the star once claimed in an interview that these multitudinous items are for both her and her entourage.

Barbra Streisand

You haven’t heard a ridiculous demand until you’ve heard one of Barbra Streisand’s. In regard to just her bathroom, the star requires that there be 1. Rose petals in the toilet; 2. Peach-colored tissues on the sink; and 3. 120 peach colored designer bath towels within reach. Why so much peach, you may be wondering… because they match Barbra’s complexion of course.

And that’s not even close to being all. While staying at a hotel, Barbra once demanded that ten designer lamps be imported to furnish her suite, that the entire hotel security team be dressed in dark sweaters, and that anyone entering her suite walk in and out backwards to not look at her.

Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson requires that her dressing room be decorated “perfectly.” For her, that means an array of scented and unscented candles; cut tulips, gardenias, and roses (all white) – any flower outside of this trio must be approved; and a bevy of snacks and beverages, though absolutely no alcohol. Most bizarre is Janet’s classification of herself and her family as “protected persons” meaning that no one is to joke about any member of the Jackson clan. Her contract document goes on to list the subjects considered most sensitive: Michael’s relationship with boys, rhinoplasty, Janet’s weight and wardrobe malfunctions, among many others.

Nicole Kidman

Like J.Lo, Nicole Kidman has a special taste for bed sheets: except hers must be Italian imports no less than 800 thread count. And they can’t just fit a bed in any old regular way. Oh no. Nicole’s specifications relating to sheet fitting are so precise that she had a diagram drawn up to avoid any potential confusion. Nicole also requires that only 40-watt light bulbs be used in any room she stays in, no more no less.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga doesn’t just become the star we see on stage without a host of ridiculous demands: pureed baby food, human alarm clocks, smoothie stations, temperatures set at 90 degrees Fahrenheit, “non- smelling and non-sweating cheeses.” For her recent “X Factor” performance, Gaga demanded that lambs and hundreds of butterflies be included as props. Gaga even went so far as to request that live lions accompany her to the MTV Music Awards – thank goodness that request was denied.

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