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The assumption is that women are emotional creatures who can’t possibly separate feelings from the physical act of sex. We know that that’s not necessarily true, so we checked in with our Facebook friends to see what they say to say about the topic, whether or not they can successfully engage in casual sex and when they realized they could or couldn’t do it.

Rolanda: When I got older and “needed” to release tension. No harm no foul as long as both parties are ok then it should not be an issue

DaGeneral: I am not able to have casual sex. I realized this in 2006 after casually dating throughout college. For me, vajayjay is a prize to be awarded to someone extraordinary. And most are just ordinary.

Lourdes: I can do no problem I learned that sex and emotions are two different things in my late 20’s I’m 41 now.

Natalie: Casual sex=casual STD’S, and drama. I am too valuable to jump from random to random. Single and not having sex till my king finds me and puts a ring on it. LADIES KNOW YOUR WORTH!

Willona: I use to be, before my son was born. I didn’t care but now I don’t want him thinking its ok to have casual sex and there are too many things going on today. Not all men are honest about being single or wanting to casually date. Also there are a lot of DL brothers.

Janell: just because you have “casual sex” dont mean you doing it with everybody catching everything….and don’t know your worth!!! get off your high horses seriously…to each his/ HER own!

Yolanda: To each her own but I grew up knowing, believing and understanding that my body was God’s temple and not a donut shop! Casual sex, never had the urge. I was always too busy elevating my life’s worth and enjoying all of the other blessings which were STD risk free! IJS.

Sharon: What Rolanda said. After my divorce — sex with a dude I knew for some time. I wanted to feel Hot and desirable. He went to work on my body! Yes sir!!

Nakina: ust the word “casual” sex, makes me think as women, we should not be having just casual sex anyway. Our body is a jewel and to me when your sleeping with casual people you are allowing men to put all their, issues, drama, inside you. In other words, u are allowing them to deposit “garbage” all up in you, when it’s casual b/c u don’t know them well. Honestly, I can’t do it! Im a woman of sensitivity, love and I would get attached to easily. To me sex is to be shared between two people who love each other. So how can u not get attached, women who have casual sex with no emotions, I think maybe, lacking some kind of emotions

Satheriea: Come’on its approaching 2013. I can/will & have made a consecious decision to have casual sex with someone. It’s just that ! casual sex. As long as I know it and so does he, for most older women it may have NOTHING to do with” self worth” or insecurities but EVERYTHING to do with taking care of an immediate need that does not have to be followed up on.

Derricka: I’ve tried it and even though I had a good time , emotionally I’m not built for it. None of us are, for real. It takes some serious in securities to keep that kind of a relationship going.

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