But Fo’real Though, What’s Wrong Wit Ya’ll? 12 Celebrities Who Just Ain’t Gone Ever Act Right

December 28, 2012  |  
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Everybody, including celebrities, is allowed an eff up or two, but the people on this list have already maxed out their get out of jail passes –literally—which has landed them a spot right on the, “they just ain’t gone ever act right” list. We’re sure you’re probably as done with these entertainers as we are so the people on this list should not surprise you at all — unless you believe in 45 chances.


Chris Brown belongs on the top of any “Refuse to Act Right” post. Just in case you still haven’t heard, Chris Brown recently cursed out comedienne Jenny Johnson on Twitter. He tweeted that he looked old. She fired back: “Being a worthless piece of s**t can really age a person.”

Instead of remembering how his last few outbursts hurt his career he told her he was going to sh**t in her mouth. Really Breezy? Not only can you not take Chris Brown anywhere, you can’t even let him have a Twitter account.


I love RiRi but we’ve all had a friend like this. Can you remember the last time you saw a candid shot of her where she didn’t have a blunt in her hand — and more than a pair of panties on? What’s worse is her pot smoking habits might be messing with her job. A source from her camp reportedly said that her team is “Fed up”.

They say “She’ll commit to something, and show up two hours late.” And we know she showed up to her last 777 performance an hour and a half late.” I hope Rihanna grows out of her pot head/bad boy phase and this isn’t the first installment of Whitney and Bobby Next Generation.

Halle Berry

We all have a girl who we love but can’t take anywhere because she’s always fighting with her man in public. Halle Berry is one of those women who just always seems to have man trouble.

This Thanksgiving, things fell apart again when her baby daddy and her boyfriend ended up at the same place around dinner time. Her ex Gabriel Aubrey started some mess and Oliver Martinez finished it. Poor Nahla. When will your mama get it together?

Bobby Kris

Poor Bobbi Kristina. She’s had a rough row to hoe. But we were really hoping that Bobbi Kristina would pull it together. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. She tried to marry her adopted brother, she’s not speaking to her daddy and she seems to be dealing with some major issues, not the less of which is addiction. I have a feeling this is going to get worse before it gets better.

Vivica A. Fox

I love Vivica Fox, but she gets out of pocket real quick. Every few months or years, she ends up in the tabloids. This last time it was for getting drunk at the US Open and embarrassing Venus in front of New York Times writer Ben Rothenberg. And let’s not forget the time she called out Stacey Dash for endorsing Mitt Romney and when she almost whooped Ashton’s behind when he tried to Punk her.

Nicki Minaj

Maybe “American Idol” isn’t the best place for Nicki Minaj to be. Ever since she got on the show she’s had run ins with one person after another. She cussed out Mariah Carey and supposedly threatened to shoot her then she called Steven Tyler racist before telling him to go f— himself.  And that’s just the first season. But on the cool, if being angry keeps those paychecks rolling in we can’t be too mad.

Allen Iverson

Once Allen Iverson gets off the court, things tend to fall apart for him. First he tried to release that terrible album that was homophobic even for the 90s. Then he got into a string of shenanigans that included getting caught with weed and a pistol and trying to steal chips from a Las Vegas casino. Now he’s drunk and gambled his impressive salary away. His wife is leaving him and he’s headed to the poor house. If he hasn’t figured it out by 37, he just ain’t gone get it.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is on this list because not long ago he went on In Depth with Graham Bessinger and told the whole world that he was high on coke while he was filming The Hangover. Every time we try to give Mike a chance to make a comeback, he goes out of his way to mess it up. And on top of telling on himself, he dug up some of Robin Givens’ 20-year-old business and told the world she cheated on him with Brad Pitt. Get it together Mike.

Katt Williams

2012 was not a good look for Katt Williams. In June, Katt and three other chicks threw rocks at a man working on the house they were staying at. Then a few months later, he got caught on film fighting at the Young Jeezy concert in Arizona. In November, he whooped on his assistant like she stole somethin’ and a few weeks later he had a “coke induced” meltdown on stage where he threatened to fight the whole audience. He slapped a lady at Target on Monday and got arrested later that night for threatening to beat somebody with a pool cue. coke is a helluva drug. Maybe he should retire.


Lindsay Lohan just can’t do right. Her new biopic was terrible, she’s been holding out on the IRS to the tune of $200K, she punched a lady in the face last month — and that’s all in the last 60 days. Someone please tell Lindsay to sit down somewhere and relax or get “treated for exhaustion” before she gets in any more trouble.

Stevie J is

Stebie on the list because he does the girls dirty. Stevie says he didn’t release Eve’s sex tape but I don’t believe him. I saw him call Erica Dixon a b**ch (and get whooped by Lil’ Scrappy). He drove Mimi Faust and Joseline Hernandez crazy and he has at least five baby mamas right now. Stevie J needs to slow his 40-plus roll. One day he’s going to mess with the wrong sister. But until then I know I’m going to read his new book.

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