Jamie And Kerry Cover LA Confidential, Talk High Expectations On Black Performers And Their Hot Chemistry

December 4, 2012  |  

With Django Unchained coming out this Christmas, it makes sense that we’re seeing Jamie Foxx and the beautiful Kerry Washington damn near everywhere–specifically on magazine covers. The latest one they’ve got under their belts is Los Angeles Confidential magazine, where the duo, who is reuniting after first having sparks fly on-screen in Ray, get old Hollywood fab in new fashions.

In the magazine the two talk about their chemistry, which is so apparent to everyone, including the camera according to the photographer Brian Bowen Smith, who was caught saying this during the shoot: “So, so swexy…I think my camera is sweating a little.”

“Chemistry is so weird in this business because you cannot manufacture it,” says Foxx in the interview, which is true, because when you don’t have it, a “couple” can be painful to watch. “What you see with Jamie and me—it’s rare, according to Washington, “but it comes from a whole lot of crying, a whole lot of sharing, a whole lot of blood, sweat, and tears.” And that’s what makes them such an exciting pair to watch on-screen. That and the fact that both of them can act circles around of the overhyped media proclaimed “IT” girls and guys in Hollywood right now. Anywho, during their interview, the two talked about a wealth of things, including making Django, and the realization they had after spending eight months on a Louisiana plantation playing the roles of slaves: their lives are pretty damn good.
“And here’s the life lesson. You realize what people went through so we could have a voice. Every second on this movie, I thought about how unbelievably good I have it. I don’t have s**t to complain about. ‘Oh, you brought me Arrowhead water? I asked for Fiji! I can taste the difference.’ When you see what real s**t is, man? All you can say is, my life is motherf—ing surreal.”
Washington wholeheartedly agreed, and the two went on to discuss the pressures put on them as not just actors trying to carve out their own lane,  but being black actors trying to make it in general–there’s no room for failure. After years of doing the comedy clubs and struggling early on, Jamie says he knows that you have to do a little more to get your just dues:
But here’s the thing about being a black entertainer. You can never be mediocre. White comedians can walk up to the microphone and go, ‘Hey guys, where ya from?’ With black comedians, you have to shoot a short film, you have to play your own music, there’s dancing, there’s smoke, and then you rise up out of the stage.”
When adding her two cents, Washington made it clear that the opportunities for black entertainers and people in general are becoming more and more, but you are expected to do more to get embraced.
“My grandmother was a maid on Park Avenue and her grandmother was a slave. The expectations about what’s possible for African Americans is always shifting and always growing, but Jamie’s right: If you’re black in Hollywood, you have to be twice as good and work twice as hard as everybody else.”

I think anybody trying to be taken seriously in the workforce in general can attest to what they’re saying–doesn’t just apply to the world of entertainment! To check out more deep thoughts and images from their interview and shoot, check out Los Angeles Confidential, and check out behind the scenes video below. But on a serious side note question, with all that great chemistry, I wonder why these two have never tried to see where they could go as a duo in their personal lives…? *Kanye shrug*

Images by Brian Bowen Smith

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