MN Year In Review: Our Best and Most Insightful Stories On Dating, Love, and Relationships

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In MN’s Year In Review, we’re counting down our top stories as well as, the biggest moments in television, music, movies, and news.

Aside from celebrity shenanigans, you guys know what our favorite topic of discussion is, right? Love and relationships of course. From the good to the bad, the drawbacks to the joys, the struggles to the super-struggles, we love discussing relationships from every angle possible. And you all can obviously relate; some of our most spirited comments have been inspired by our posts about dating dramas.

1.  10 Years Later: What I Learned From The Man Who Told Me I Was Not His Ideal Woman 

About 10 years ago, I dated an Asian man. This in and of itself was not particularly unique. By that point I’d dated white men, black men and Hispanic men and briefly had an Asian pseudo-boyfriend in high school. As a biracial woman who grew up in a family where get-togethers looked like diversity workshops, I viewed interracial dating as ordinary. I was interested in getting to know an individual, not some member of a particular racial group. Apparently my then-boyfriend didn’t feel the same way….Read more.

2. You Don’t Have To Be Wonder Woman: The Importance of Vulnerability In Relationships

We had three long and amazing conversations. He’d come across a magazine spread that I’d done an interview in and was fascinated by my answers. We talked about my beginnings and my growth parallel to his budding writing career. Exchanging dreams became our favorite pastime…Read more.

3. Is This Real Love? How To Avoid Getting Into a Relationship That Does Not Exist

Do we allow our feelings for someone to create a relationship that doesn’t exist, or do we allow our feelings to create a reality within a relationship that doesn’t exist? A relationship is defined as an emotional connection, association, or involvement between two people that have mutually decided to commit to each other based on feelings they have for each other. Feelings are an effective state of psychological consciousness in which joy, fear, hate, sorrow, love, etc. are experienced and expressed. They are also spontaneous efforts that are accompanied by physiological changes that drive a number of actions and reactions….Read more.

4. My Dating Life: The Wannabe Rapper, The “Successful” Black Man and Other Frogs That Preceded My Prince

For nearly three years, I met men who liked me enough to keep me within their circle of dating prospects, but not enough to move the relationship from casual to serious. They’d call me and text me and take me places and express all kinds of desires, just none of the long-term variety. At first I was fine with the casual relationships, but over time I got bored with the dating treadmill and longed for something more substantial. Looking back on my unintentional dating marathon, I realize why it took me so long to settle into a relationship. Because I had been dating these men…Read more.

5. Looking Within: Am I A Match For The Ideal Man I Am Praying For?

Many women create a certain type of perfect image for a mate that we have to meet, fall in love with, and marry. But more often than not, the person we have designed in our imagination may not be of our own image; meaning that the traits and characteristics people desire in someone else may not be reflected within the person who created the image.  Most women have an idea of the type of man she wants to spend her life with.  We know what we want him to look like, dress like, sound like, and act like.  We even know what we want him to have in his bank accounts…Read more.

6. Single Black Male: Why Do Men Mislead Women 

If you’re confused about your place in a man’s life, your confusion is likely justified. A deceitful man will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. The question above asks, “is it part of some sort of strategy” to make a woman think you like her more than you really do. The answer is yes and no. You don’t have to be much of strategist to make a woman think you like her more than you do. Assuming she even asks, all you have to do is answer her questions correctly…Read more.

7. One Piece of Advice? Be Done With Ambivalent Men and ‘Settle’ For The One Who Likes You

If there was one thing I wish I could tell my marriage-minded friends who repeatedly deal with ambivalent men, it would be this: “Stop being ridiculous and ‘settle’ for the guy who likes you.” I would tell them that because I wish someone would have told me that years ago when I met the guy who I now deem as my personal disaster…Read more.

8. Was My Bi-Coastal Love Unrealistic? The Story Of My Long-Distance Heartbreak

The smooth-talking-street-smart-intellectual mirage we girls sometimes dream of. I met him on the corner of impossible; wrapped in a loose white shirt, almost sagging jeans, fresh kicks, and a Yankee fitted. The white iPod headphones slipped up and down his chest as he bopped his head ferociously. Chiseled face, a perfect brown, a goatee and mustache; connected around his full lips…Read more.

9. VSB– Sex On MY Period

Do most men want to have sex with women when they’re on their period? Should I work on being more open-minded and try to see things differently? Read VSB’s Damon Young’s response.

10. Just Another Sad Love Song: The Soundtrack to My Love Life

Even if you are not a fan of that particular artist, when that song comes on, you are instantly transformed into that intimate moment when you and a former love shared a pleasurable experience. Or if you happened to have been jaded by a particular experience, the song becomes just another painful reminder. In that case, you opted to change the station…Read more.


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