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Hello wonderful Readers!  As you all know, Kendra is nothing else if she isn’t dedicated to making you all happy.  So, when I’m not talking in third person (which I just did on the fly, weird experience, but Kendra digs) I try to find ways to make you all smile.  When I did the first 90s Where Are They Now, QueenNTheMaking said:  “This list needs a part 2,” and Queenie, I’m hear to abide.  Here are SOME of the groups that you requested (seeing that some of the others have been covered on this site already, and someone broke down “H-Town’s” fate in the comment section).

All right, let’s get to it!


A Youtube commenter said:  “Before there was swag, there was steelo,” and how right they were.  The group 702 who hailed from Las Vegas came on the scene in 1996 after being discovered by Sinbad, mentored by Michael Bivins, and had a few member changes hit the scene hard with songs like “Steelo,” “Get it Together,” and “Where My Girls At.”

In 2001, the group took an hiatus and Kameelah Williams decided to go the solo route.  She sang background for people like Faith Evans and Missy, and she wrote a few tracks for Faith on her Faithfully album.  When Kameelah left, she was replaced by Cree Lamore and the newly formed group performed a single from the Pootie Tang soundtrack.  In 2003 Kameelah came back from touring with other artists and they gave Cree the boot, and released the album Star, that placed on the Billboard R&B charts.  But in 2008, original member, Orish Grinstead, the twin sister to Irish Grinstead sadly died of kidney failure.

In 2010, Kameelah announced on her twitter that she was working on a solo album, she performed in a SWV tribute concert in honor of Coco’s birthday at BB King’s,  Oh, and she also had a child with Musiq Soulchild and the two have been together for 3 years.  She’s still cool with the girls (who have been relatively quiet since their last album), but don’t look for a reunion anytime soon.  Check out Meelah’s own thoughts in an interview she conducted with Linezofblow.com.

Another Bad Creation

Man, Michael Bivins was on his grind mentoring and developing acts, because ABC was another group under his tutelage.  The rap and R&B group of children didn’t just dabble in music, two of the members appeared in a music video for Michael Jackson, the group performed skits on “In Living Color,” and were in the movie (one of my old time favorites) The Meteor Man.  They released two albums, the 1991 one had singles like “Iesha,” “Playground,” and “Jealous Girl.”  But after their second, 1993 album failed to deliver, the group dispersed.

Wanna know where they are now?  You gotta wait for the DVD to find out!  Nah, just kidding, here’s what I could find:  According to Realgossip101, they created their own record label, Another Bad Creation LLP, and released an all rap record named Grady Baby Compilation that only had six songs and failed to gain weight.  Red is now a music producer, but to find out for the rest of the guys it seems like you’ll have to wait for that aforementioned DVD to come out.  Sorry!

Changing Faces

The group was not only sensual, but very polite as well.  I mean, who else would bother to ask:  “Do you mind if I Stroke You Up?”  The duo met in high school and reconnected when they were selected to sing background for Sybil.  In 1994 Changing Faces released their self-titled debut album.  The duo released Billboard topping singles like “Foolin’ Around,” and “G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T.”  They continued to release soundtrack songs for movies High School High and Player’s Club.  They continued to release albums until 2000.

Missing their smooth vocals?  Don’t worry, a single was leaked in 2009 named “Crazy Luv,” and while performing in BB King’s, they announced that they were working on an album that is set to release in 2012.




In 1996, the then quartet signed to Mariah Carey’s label Crave Records.  They charted with singles “Head Over Heels,” and the remake to Lisa Lisa‘s “All Cried Out.”

In 2000, they were released from Mariah Carey’s label and signed with Ron Artest’s (?) label.  After their second album “Sunny Days,” member Linnie Belcher left the line up and the foursome became a trio.  The trio has consistently released music, albums, and worked with numerous artists like Tom Jones, Wyclef, and Elephant Man.  In 2010, they released a single and album on iTunes “Time’s Up,” and they’re working on new material to be released this year.



After the success of groups like Immature, and New Edition, Jive decided to jump on the boy band craze and brought Jamal Hampton, Talib Kareem, Olamide Faison, and John Fitch together to create the group Imajin.  The group released the song “Shorty (You Keep Playing with My Mind)” in 1998 and it ranked in the 20th position of the Billboard charts.

Jamal was later replaced with Tony Roster, and the group continued to release albums and songs.  But once Jamal left, he went the solo route.  Olamide and John tried to do the duo thing with a group called JizLams, but the group came back together to later disperse.  Tony Roster Jr is an acclaimed drummer and has performed with the likes of Jay-Z, En Vogue, and Joe Jonas.  He currently tours with the Joe-Bro.  Olamide, Donald Faison‘s brother, has a recurring role on Sesame Street as Miles and was the ex-boyfriend of Natalie Nunn (the demise of their relationship is covered in the fourth season).  Olamide also performs solo and live while playing his acoustic guitar (check out the video clip, because his performance is AMAZING).  Talib became a music producer with the moniker Taaz Kareem, and worked with Solange Knowles.  Their last group album was in 2000.



I swear, if you all didn’t have request this group I would have been deprived of realizing that they sang one of my old favorite songs (that was prohibited in my parents’ house) from my preteen years.  But in 1996 the Houston group provided a song for the Original Gangsters soundtrack, but it wasn’t until 1999 when they released “Get Gone” and gained their fame.

It seems that they recorded songs for an album to be released in 2004, but the album was shelved.  *sad face.


In 1995 if you were ever confused of whose he is?  Don’t worry, Mokenstef will clarify it for you with their hit single:  “He’s Mine.”  The single was so big that they performed a remix of it on Nickolodeon’s “All That” (presuming that they took out all the references to sex and all).

The group continued to release music and record remakes to Smokey Robinson’s and Michael Jackson’s songs, but after they released the song “He Say She Say” on the Phat Beach soundtrack, the group tried to stay together, but disbanded in 2000.   The group members have been pretty mum since the group ended and according to Centric’s music blog, they are considered “Missing in Music.”

Kut Klose

Everyone likes to hear affirmations about their sexual prowess, and that’s probably why their 1996 single:  “I Like,” was so hot and popular.  Being mentored by Keith Sweat, as he produced their first album, the girl group released 3 singles (“I Like” being the most popular one).  They also were featured on Keith Sweat’s single “Twisted” and they collaborated on the single “Nobody.”

Once the ’90s were over their buzz seemed to die down.  The women went to do their own things, like Athena Cage, who started a scholarship foundation at Western Kentucky University (which was her own alma mater) and did community work until Keith Sweat had them in his Sweat Hotel Live CD.  The group then toured with him and in 2010 they released the song “Let it Ring” on iTunes.  According to all accounts they are now finishing up their second album that is estimated to be released this year.



The cute little girls who had large voices.  the group seemed to start off with Tia and Tamara in their first single “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah“, but by the second single the twin girls were off (probably getting ready to start their empire).  The group consisted of Monique Wilson, Arike Rice, and sisters LaPetra and LaToya McMoore who did R&B and would occassionally infuse some Hip Hop influences in their music.  Though people still remember them now, their first album was a sales disappointment and the group disbanded.

After, we all know the awesomeness that surrounds our favorite “Sister-Sister”s.  Arike went on to join the group “Before Dark,” but now is a solo artist who has performed on stage with Kelly Rowland and Ne-Yo.  She is a dancer and has danced background for a number of artists and have also became an actress.  She has appeared in Dream Girls, and Center Stage 2. I couldn’t find reliable information on the other members.


While Chris Stokes was managing Immature, he discovered these songstresses.  The girls who had good looks and dance abilities began to appear in music videos for Immature while they were also working on their debut album Play Another Slow Jam. Chilombo sisters: Jamila Chilombo & her older sister, Miyoko along with Paulette Maxwell changed their group name from Innocence to Gyrl. In 1995, the album was released, along with the single of the same name.   In 1996 Paulette left the group, and they added two more members:  Jeanae & Tai-Amber Woo.  The girls continued to release music, including the single “Get Your Groove On,” for the B.A.P.S. soundtrack.  After that, the group sort of fell into obscurity, so much so that finding information on all of them was hard, until I came across the “Rare and Obscure Music Blog.

According to the blog:

Paulette Maxwell appeared as a dancer on the UPN series, “One on One” and in the 2002 movie, The Master of Disguise. She was a composer on the UPNCW series, “All of Us.” She now works as the CEO of Creative Soul Productions.

Tai-Amber Woo became a member of girl group, Nobody’s Angel, but it is unknown what she is up to today. Miyoko Chilombo appeared in Immature (who later changed their name to IMX)’s music video, “Beautiful.” She now works as a stylist.

Jamila (who went under the name “Mila J”) joined short-lived girl group, Dame Four in 2005. She appeared on Omarion’s debut album on the track “Take it Off.” In 2006, she recorded her solo album, Split Personality, but it was never released. She released three singles (which are available on iTunes): “Complete,” “No More Complaining,” and “Good Looking Out” featuring former ImmatureIMX member, Marques Houston. The Chilombo girls’ younger sister, Jhene is also a singer.

Sounds good to me.  Here’s a photo of 3 of the girls.  Here are some others.



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