Can A Brotha Get Some Love?! Celebrity Bros Who Get No Shine Whatsoever

November 20, 2012  |  
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Sisters of celebrity men often don’t have to do much to get a little media attention, particularly if they’re attractive in the conventional Hollywood sense. But for brothers, it’s not quite so easy. Even if the guy is decent looking or even talented it seems to be understood that it’s not cool to ride the coattails of your sister(s)’ success, so often these less-popular brothers end up becoming obscure non-mother-effing factors so to speak. Much like it can be a little intimidating for a man to be with a woman who is the breadwinner, it’s not easy being the semi-tried to be famous-sibling of a bigger celebrity. Bottom line, you get no love. Check out the bros who’ve been getting played.

Rob Kardashian

I’ve only watched “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” a handful of times, but every time I watch an episode poor Rob is getting played. It’s one thing for his family to dog him for not having his own place or going bald (which is pretty mean) but it’s a whole other to tell him plainly he’s a mooch and needs to figure out a hustle to support himself. The truth is, Rob proves the fact that the only reason Kim is successful is because of her sex tape. Though Kimmy Cakes would like to say it’s because she has a reality show, Rob is on that same series and the most he has going on is a sock line. If Kris Jenner, the mother of business hustling can ink million dollar deals for herself and her daughters, it makes no sense that she can’t figure out anything for her son to do. Rob needs some love. And a hug. And some money.

Ray J

Ray J wants, yes present tense, to be as popular as 1994 Brandy so bad but despite the singer putting her little brother on in multiple ways back in the day, it just never worked out for him. Ray J went from having a spot on “Moesha” and a somewhat subpar solo career to a reality TV show trying to find love and another reality show with his big sis. After that all failed he finally said eff it and dropped a sex tape and no one still cared about that — at least his part in it anyway. It’s so clear to see Ray J’s behavior as the antics of a man drowning in the shadow of his far more successful older sibling and even Brandy explained that he struggles with her stardom. At 31, I think Ray J’s time to shine might be over.

Randy Jackson

FYI, Randy is the one in the middle with the glasses and the backwards Kangol. It’s sort of hard to etch a name out for yourself in a family full of entertainers, particularly when your big bro is Michael Jackson and your little sister is Janet — hence all of Toya and Jermaine’s “look at me” shenanigans — but Randy is the only boy out of the family who was never apart of the original Jackson 5. You know that has to hurt. Randy basically didn’t get to join the group until Michael was just about ready to do his own thing and even then his time in the spotlight was short-lived. Even Randy’s ex-wife Alejandra Genevieve Oaziaza played him by marrying his older brother Jermaine. It gets no worse than that.


 Jo Jo Simmons

Poor Jo Jo. Everybody’s got something going on in his family but him. Angela and Vanessa have their clothing line, Diggy stole his rap hustle, and I’m sure even Russy has some type of business at this point. The only time anyone cared about when it came to Jo Jo was that transexual twitter controversy he was wrapped up in a little while ago. Not good PR. Poor ting even looks tired and worn out in this image. I think Jo Jo should’ve taken uncle Rush up on his job offer to work with him back when “Run’s House” was still on TV. Things just aren’t working out for him.

Gary Houston

I would’ve sworn for the longest that Pat was really Whitney Houston’s sister and Gary was the brother-in-law, especially after the singer passed away earlier this year.  After Whitney’s death, Pat rose up like the matriarch of the clan, and if it weren’t for catching one episode of “The Houstons: On Our Own” I would have assumed he didn’t even have a voice or care about what goes on with Bobbi Kristina at all. Of course it’s very possible Gary has no interest in the limelight after seeing what happened to his sister but it’s clear his wife has no problem being in the public eye. She gets all the shine and he gets none.

Michael Braxton, Jr

Toni, Traci, Tamar, Trina, Towanda, and Miss E…yup, no Michael. Next time Traci starts talking about how she’s the blacksheep of the family she should think about her brother. MJ does get a little exposure when his famous sisters happen to visit Maryland and invite him out to eat (on camera) but if it weren’t for their reality show, I’m pretty sure everyone would have thought the Braxton clan was just a family of sisters.

Ricco Barrino

Ricco, a.k.a Puerto Ricco, is the little brother of Fantasia whose contract with Grand Hustle doesn’t seem to be leading him anywhere. He also auditioned for the eight season of “American Idol” but failed to make it to Hollywood like his big sis who won in 2004. Though his goal has been to get out from under Fantasia’s shadow he’s pretty much stayed in it.

James Lackey

Usher’s little brother be effing up, not that his big bro doesn’t do enough of that himself. Unfortunately for James, despite the fact that he’s produced hits like Lloyd’s “Get it Shawty,” no one remembers him for his contributions to the music industry. All they know is that he’s been arrested on charges of cruelty to children, domestic violence, and reckless conduct, and that like his big bro he’s been involved in a bitter custody dispute this year, stemming from child support drama.  Ursh may be able to recover from his transgressions given everyone’s side-eye view of Tameka, but his lil bro likely won’t be so lucky since no one really cared about him in the first place.

 Rorrey Fenty

I totally missed the fact that Rihanna had a brother close to her in age. Sorry navy. I knew about little Rajad because he always seems to be around when her dad is, but Rorrey slips right through the media’s finger tips. If he wanted to live the quiet life that would be okay, but Rorrey is attempting to start a music career which means he could use some press right now. In March, Rorrey released a track called “Feel Me” and a couple of months ago he dropped a freestyle over 2 Chainz “No Lie” beat but no one seems to be paying any mind because they’re too busy spreading rumors he was involved with Bad Girl’s Cluber Natalie Nunn. That ain’t a good look for anybody. Rih Rih knows she needs to put her bro on and let him get on a track.

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