Iyanla Fix Their Lives: 9 Broken Celebs Who Need A Healing

November 15, 2012  |  
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I don’t want to be blasphemous, but I can’t help feeling like Iyanla is the way, the truth, and the life every time I catch her show on OWN — especially after she had that cheating pastor prostrating himself in the sanctuary on Saturday night’s episode. Iyanla has a way of non-judgmentally calling people out on their mess and helping them uncover their truth like a good life coach should and there are more people than she could ever possibly help who are in need of her services.

After seeing Iyanla work with Evelyn Lozada and checking out clips of her upcoming episode with Maia Campbell this weekend, I can’t help but think about the slew of other celebs who she can lead to a breakthrough. It’s not easy talking through your issues on-camera, but since these people are putting their messy business out there anyway, they might as well clean it up in front of the public too.

Check out this list of celebs who should be tweeting #IyanlaFixMyLife.

Tami Roman

If Iyanla took the time to look into “Basketball Wives” footage to gather intel on Evelyn, surely she caught enough behavior from Tami Roman in those clips to know she is definitely in need of a healing. Tami is just as, if not more, damaged than Ev and that’s obvious not only from her behavior but from the candid conversations we’ve seen her have with her mother and her admission of being sexually abused. It’s clear Tami is acting out of that hurt and since she doesn’t take it too well when her castmates call her out on her foolishness, maybe she’ll respond better to Iyanla.

Chad Johnson

Half, okay maybe one-third, of the first part of Evelyn’s “Fix My Life” special focused on Chad and that was before we even knew about the physical abuse. To say this man needs help would be an understatement. For the longest it’s just been assumed that he’s more immature than a little bit, but now with two domestic assault allegations under his belt and a mean appetite for multiple women all the time, one can only assume there are some things in his past that he hasn’t worked through. Let’s let Iyanla help him do that.

Chrissy and Mr. Jones

I can’t tell just how deep Chrissy and Jim Jones’ issues run but one thing that’s for sure is they are not on the same page in life yet they can’t seem to let go of one another after all these years. Chrissy isn’t nearly as volatile with Jim as she was with the ladies on “Love & Hip-Hop” but I’m sure Iyanla wouldn’t mind digging into her “thug among women” behavior. As for Jim, I’m just going to go out on a bit of a limb and say he may have some pent up frustration from his relationship with Mama Jones, his father’s death, and being raised by his grandmother. Perhaps that’s why he has issues fully committing to Chrissy.

Chris Brown

It’s no secret Breezy has been going through it ever since his domestic violence altercation with Rihanna three years ago. During Rih Rih’s “Next Chapter” special with Oprah she mentioned that Chris did what he did to her because he was in need of help and it doesn’t appear that he’s gotten it. For the past few years we’ve watched him spiral with a number of violent rants in person and on Twitter and even though he is climbing back to musical relevance, his appearance as of late has some questioning whether he might be on drugs. He needs someone to get him on track before he is too far gone.

Frankie and Neffie

Though Frankie and Neffie appear to be in a much better place than they were when we were first introduced to them on “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is” I’m sure they could use some expert insight into the troubles plaguing their family dynamic. Frankie’s drug past is secret to no one and Neffie and her sister Keyshia Cole still aren’t on the best of terms, which is why Neffie won’t appear on any episodes of the singer’s new BET reality show, “Keyshia and Daniel: Family First.” I’m sure Iyanla couple help them break down some of those walls.


It’s hard to single out just one person from the cast of “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” who could use some guidance, but I feel Mimi is the most worthy candidate. As much as we like to clown her for her lack of judgement when it comes to her relationship wit Stevie J, Mimi has some demons in her closet that it doesn’t appear she’s totally dealt with just yet. The abandonment issues stemming from her mother’s allegiance to Scientology no doubt have a lot to do with why she stays with Stevie and despite that poor decision, Mimi is no fool. With a little counseling and some soul searching, she could do great things.


Katt Williams

If the two stories we’ve done on him this week aren’t enough to help you understand why Katt absolutely needs somebody to fix his life I don’t know what to tell you. The Cincinnati comedian has been on the decline for more than a little while now and the severity of his behavior continues to escalate. Beyond the damage to himself, his career, and anyone who gets in his way and happens to catch a punch, bottle over the head or gun, Katt is also the adoptive father of seven children. If he’s going to get right for anybody it should be them.

Jackie Christie

Jackie proves the case for needing her life fixed nearly every episode but after watching Monday night’s show I was convinced more than ever that she and her family could use an intervention of OWN proportions. I can only assume that Jackie’s clear need for acceptance and insecurity issues that translate into her keeping such a tight hold on her husband Doug has to do with why she used to put down her darker, heavier daughter. The La basketball wife’s family has clearly been torn about by her incessant need for control and Iyanla needs to help each member of the family push past the hurt.


It’s a tossup as to whether Terrell Owens would be better off getting advice from Suze Orman or Iyanla Vanzant but I’m going to go with the latter and hope the rest will figure out itself considering the former NFL star’s money woes stem from some of his internal brokenness. Between being on-again and off-again with the NFL, falling out with his PR girls, and not being any type of father to his four children — let alone the sour relationships with the mothers of his kids — Terrell is in need of someone to break his mess down to him and try to build him up again.

Who would you recommend for the next celebrity edition of “Iyanla Fix My Life”?

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