So Has Oprah Really Seen Tyler’s Work Because I Have A Hard Time Understanding How They’re Friends

November 14, 2012  |  

One thing everyone knows about me is that I LOVE Oprah. I’m a serious stan when it comes to Queen O and ironically enough, I think she’s under-rated. I was recently watching Super Soul Sunday on OWN and I remember her asking a guest (I think Deepak Chopra) about this trend of people seeking self-help. In that instance, I was like, Oprah doesn’t give herself enough credit. I believe that she is responsible for making Americans in general more open to seeking therapy and igniting their missions to live their best lives. I’ve seen my moms and aunts, who grew up believing that they should swallow their pain and their dreams,  take a turn for the better because Oprah led them onto the path of self-discovery and awareness.

As much as I love Oprah, I do take issue with the other parts of her life …like her too-tight relationship with Mr. Tyler Perry. I really could’ve done without Perry’s contribution to cinema. I know it may seem crazy for me to judge their friendship but I just can’t understand how Oprah is friends with the man who has put forth so many horrible, overwrought films. It would be one thing if they were just friends, but they are aces! How is Oprah not tempted , when they’re off on of their long vacations together, to offer him up career advice and let him know that he needs to channel his power into more fruitful ventures like bringing other quality filmmakers up rather than staying committed to horribly written Madea-inspired movies? I’m a hater, yes I know. But how can a woman who appreciates great literature be so intimate with a man whose productions clearly convey a lack of care for craft?

Imagine my shock at the fact that Perry, who already has a production deal with TBS, inked a deal with OWN TV to produce two scripted series. When I heard the news, I knew that I didn’t know Oprah like I thought I did. All this time, I had imagined she made an effort to separate her personal relationship from her professional sentiments of Perry’s work but’s apparently quite the opposite.

I can only hope that Oprah is helping Perry get to a higher level creatively and also helping him to be more real with himself. I don’t know Perry but I can bet he’s really not with the woman he claims to be with. I think he’s with his fiance, Ethiopian model Gelila Bekele, to keep the nosy people like us reporters out of his private life. Considering Oprah is all about being your authentic and true self, doesn’t Perry’s approach to his personal life conflict with Oprah’s philosophy? This rant is less about their friendship and more about my disillusionment. I thought I understand everything about Oprah (just like any other delusional fan would assume) but of course I don’t. But this logical realization still doesn’t put to rest my curiosity as to how Oprah reacts when she walks out of a Tyler Perry movie screening. Lord knows I would love to have been a fly on the wall during the conversation between Gayle and O after his last movie premiere.



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