Ask A Very Smart Brotha: Should We Have Sex While I’m On My Period?

November 14, 2012  |  

This might be a little TMI; but I’m very curious to know how other men feel about this, so I thought I’d ask. Recently, I was cuddling/making out with my boyfriend in bed when he tried to initiate sex. Normally, that would have been fine but I was on my period, which he knew, and I told him I didn’t exactly feel comfortable. He went into this persuasive speech about fluids being a natural part of sex, how we could make sure it was clean as possible etc. He was making a lot of sense and hormonally, I’d definitely be down; but a part of me still feels like it’s just…dirty. So needless to say, it didn’t happen that night; but I guess my question is, do most men want to have sex with women when they’re on their period? Should I work on being more open-minded and try to see things differently?

Reluctant Redwinger

Dear Redwinger,

Let me tell you something about myself. I really, really enjoy eating food. I realize that most people enjoy food, but I think my enjoyment of it surpasses the usual amount. An ex-girlfriend even used to call me “the garbage disposal” because she knew that I’d always eat whatever she couldn’t finish on her plate. Shyte, I’m eating right now as I’m typing.

But, despite this love of food, there was always one thing I just couldn’t stand to put in my mouth:  sushi. While I love seafood, the idea of eating raw and barely cooked fish made my skin chill. I’m a guy who won’t even eat a burger or steak if I see any trace of pink, so there was no damn way any raw tuna was going into my mouth.

Then, one day, while at with some friends and drinking, one of them ordered a sushi combo platter. Although the idea of eating raw fish still kind of disgusted me, I was intrigued because everyone who actually did it said that they loved it. Couldn’t get enough of it, actually.

So, after a few more shots, I gathered my courage and took a bite. And another. And another. I literally could not believe how good it was, and I was actually mad at myself for taking so long to try it.

A couple weeks later, I shared this story with a couple friends, who also shared similar stories. They too loved food but were disgusted by the idea of eating raw fish. But, once they actually got past the disgust and tried it, they absolutely loved it, and were relived to see that other people got past the stigma, tried it, and loved it too.

I understand the mental block with eating raw food. All of our lives we’ve been told that raw meat is unhealthy, so the thought of knowingly putting uncooked fish in your mouth makes you feel dirty, like you’re going to get a disease or something. But, if the sushi is prepared right, it’s just as clean as any other cooked food.

What does this have to do with period sex? Nothing, actually. Just wanted to share my story about sushi.


Damon Young

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