Grab Your Popcorn And Buy Your Ticket: Nine Movie Blockbusters To Watch Out For This Season

November 16, 2012  |  
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From a former slave fighting for his freedom to a boy shipwrecked in the middle of Pacific Ocean with only a tiger as company, this season’s upcoming movies are a range of comedy, action and fantasy with something for any and everyone. Many of these upcoming movies are book and musical adaptations or original features, bringing out some of the biggest stars in film, from Hugh Jackson to Marlon Wayans.

With a slew of movies opening and coming in the next six to eight weeks, Hollywood is expecting a record-breaking $11 billion year in ticket sales. Waiting for the next big movie in theaters this Fall and Winter? Here are a few good movies MN is looking forward to this season:

Django Unchained

If you were wondering where Jamie Foxx has been since his 2011 co-starring role in Horrible Bosses and his 2010 album “Best Night Of My Life,” the entertainer has been working on his starring role as Django in the anticipated movie, Django Unchained.

The latest Quentin Tarantino film seems to be a promising hit in theaters December 25th, with cast members Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson, Kerry Washington and more. Set in the U.S. South right before the Civil War, formerly freed slave Django (Jamie Foxx) travels across America with bounty hunter Dr. Schultz (Chrisoph Waltz) after he is freed by Schultz from his vicious former owners. In return, Django must hunt down and kill a band of killers, the Brittle Brothers, and Schultz will free him from slavery and help rescue Django’s wife, Broomhilda (Kerry Washington) from her slave owner, played by Leonardo DiCaprio.


Lincoln, going into wide release November 16th, promises moviegoers way more than Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter did earlier this year. In this biographical film, Lincoln focuses on the historical president’s journey to freeing American slaves while facing opposition from his own cabinet during the raging Civil War. Directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Daniel Day-Lewis as the former president, this movie is a thought-out, detailed look at the 16th President of the United States, just in time for the aftermath of the re-election of another historical president, Barack Obama.

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II

As the last movie of the blockbuster saga, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part II is bound to carry the movie theater sales this coming weekend, November 16th. Starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner in their former roles in the past three movies, the saga ends with part II of the book trilogy in theaters. Movi goers were left with the untimely death of Kristen Stewart as Bella, as she gives birth to her child by vampire husband Edward (Robert Pattinson). But part I leaves off with a cliffhanger, as Bella, presumably dead, comes back to life as a vampire.

Part II promises to end the saga with action-packed scenes, as the Volturi, the council of vampires, battle the Cullens, while Bella learns her new way of life as a vampire and mother.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Bilbo Baggins and the other Hobbits are back! This time, with more dwarves.

In this latest installment of the Oscar-winning film series based on the J.R.R. Tolkien books, we go pre-Frodo to the time when Bilbo Baggins had to recapture the Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor from the dragon Smaug. Orcs and spiders and Gollum… oh my!



Les Miserables

As an adaptation to the hit musical, December 25th Les Miserables has a cast of stars that could be the hitmaker for this musical-turned-movie. Starring Hugh Jackson, Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried and more, this movie, set in 19th century France, ex-prisoner Jean (Hugh Jackman) seeks redemption for serving years in prison for stealing food for his family. In his quest, he breaks parole and tries to start a new life, while being hunted down relentlessly by Javert, played by Russell Crowe. During his journey, he gets entangled in the life of a mother (Hathaway) and her daughter, as their lives change drastically.

A Haunted House

On January 11th, A Haunted House will bring back humor to “real-life” paranormal horrors like the Paranormal Activity saga, with cast members Essence Atkins, Marlon Wayans, Cedric The Entertainer and more. A young couple, Malcolm (Marlon Wayans) and Kisha (Essence Atkins), find their dream home which turns out to be a nightmare after suspicious events began occurring. Settling in, they realized that the house is not possessed, but it is actually Kisha who is possessed by a demon that Malcolm goes to great lengths to cast out. This funny adaptation of the recently popular paranormal films proves to be a welcoming laugh to the influx of haunting ghost films of 2011 and 2012.


Who doesn’t love a little action with their holiday lineup at the theaters? Director Michael Connors gives you action with December 28th Allegiance, with a cast we are looking forward to that includes Shad “Bow Wow” Moss, Malik Yoba and more. The plot takes on an army background, as Lit. Danny Sefton, played by Seth Gabel, gets in the middle of an AWOL mission attempt by fellow soldier Bow Wow. Sefton is forced to choose between his fellow solider and unit and his fiance.

The Last Stand

Arnold Schwarzenegger steps away from the recent controversy of his personal life and gets professional on the big screen with The Last Stand, out January 18th. In his latest action film, former LAPD narcotics officer Ray Owens (Schwarzenegger) moves to start a new life in a quaint little town. As he settles into a new lifestyle away from the law, a notable drug kingpin makes an escape from an FBI convoy and begins his escape across the border with a hostage, which leads him straight to the town Owens has settled in. The former officer must intercept the kingpin before he crosses the boarder, putting Owens on-duty once more. The movie also stars Forest Whitaker.

Life Of Pi

As a movie adaptation of the popular book, Life of Pi will be one of this year’s most visually stimulating blockbusters, giving moviegoers an eyeful, even if they have never heard of the popular story.

This 2-hour, 5-minute movie follows the book’s storyline, as Pi, an Indian boy at sea, is shipwrecked on the Pacific Ocean with a Bengal tiger at his side for 227 days. The fantasy/adventure movie also has a spiritual background, as Pi looks to understand the grand picture of God, raised as Hindu, but introduced to Christianity at a young age. If the fantasy plot doesn’t grab you at the box office, the visuals that will accompany surely will. As a PG-rated film, plan to bring your kids or family, giving you a great excuse to see the fantasy film yourself without completely exposing the kid in you!

And if you’re looking for something to check out now, Skyfall, the latest James Bond movie, Flight, starring Denzel in what many are calling an award-winning performance, and, for the kids, there’s Rise of the Guardians. Going to the theaters soon to see any of these blockbusters? Let us know what you think of these movies below!

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