Chantel Christie Explains Putting Jackie On Blast On BBWLA: “I Know MY Truth.”

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Considering how mentally and emotionally unstable Jackie Christie is frequently depicted on VH1’s reality show, Basketball Wives LA, many often wondered what kind of person she was capable of being to her family. Monday night’s episode, however, only seemed to confirm the suspicions most viewers had all along. Crazy is crazy all day long and it seems that her manipulative antics aren’t just limited to friends and acquaintances according to her 19-year-old daughter, Chantel.

In the episode, Chantel opened up to Laura Govan (of all people) and provided viewers with some insight as to what life was like growing up with Jackie Christie for a mo. She shared that Jackie frequently mistreated her older sister because she had darker skin and was heavier than Jackie would have liked her to be and because of that she was treated like an outcast and not allowed to appear in family portraits. Chantel revealed that Jackie even went as far as pitting the two against each other, referring to her as “the light skinny one” and her sister as “the dark overweight one”, which ultimately put a rift between the siblings and resulted in the sisters not speaking to one another for years.

Although Jackie is certainly the villain in this situation, fans seem to have had a response that was a bit unexpected. Instead of going after Jackie for her emotionally abusive and manipulating ways, they went after Chantel, calling her disloyal for airing out family business on national television, and to Laura no less. Laura also caught her share of the heat. Many felt that she had taken her shady antics way too far.

Chantel eventually took to Twitter to address the entire situation and to make amends with her mom.

Not that I owe you viewers any explanation. But I will address this for once and for all. Quote me, right it down, take a picture – I don’t give a f-ck.

I was in a bad place in MY life. Was it right? No. Was it “all lies”? No. Was it 4 “publicity”? No. Did I kno where Laura was coming from? NO. Do I regret it? I regret airing my personal life out 2 sm1 who, I now feel, had malicious intent. I regret addressing it publicly, at all. You all can believe WHATEVER you would like to.

I know MY truth. I wake up everyday and I have to live MY life. None of y’all do it for me. Show me a person that has never done something they shouldn’t have. And I’ll show you an angel. I will not call it a mistake because in THAT moment, it was exactly what I wanted to do. Looking back, it NEVER should’ve happened.

And I am woman enough to admit that publicly. But to be ridiculed, disrespected, threatened and bashed… Y’all don’t know me!! Walk a mile in my shoes, and I guarantee you’ll take em off! When all this “reality” Isht is over. When the camera cuts, and production wraps… That is still my Mother. And we have, and will continue to, mend our relationship BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, not for a million ppl to watch, dissect and judge.

@JackieChristie, I love you. & I’m not sure how, but as a FAMILY, I’m sure we’ll get through this. If you’re ready, I’m willing. And to those that have said evil, malicious things to me… I’m praying for you. Not even mad at cha. You can only speak on what you see.

We hope that this family is able to work through their differences. Check out the clip from Chantel’s heart-to-heart with Laura. Do you think she was wrong?

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