Snuggle Up ‘Cuz Baby It’s Cold Outside! How The Winter Will Bring You And Your Guy Closer

November 17, 2012  |  
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You may see the winter as a cranky, frigid (emotionally and climate-wise) time, when trying to get anything done is less pleasant than in the easy breezy summer months. But don’t hate on the winter months just yet! They could be surprisingly good for your relationship. Here’s why:

Cold weather means more sex

What do two people want to do when it’s cold? Cuddle to combine body heat. What do two cuddling people eventually want to do? Make love. It’s not just hot weather that heats things up between the sheets! There’s nothing like the comfort of another body when it’s cold out.

All the heat is in one room

Somehow there is always one room in the house or apartment that traps all the heat. If you and your guy live together, you’ll probably spend more time in the same room together to avoid the chills! And that’s instantly more quality time.

You won’t feel like going out as much

Hailing cabs on the street, waiting in line to get into a club, and walking around to bar hop all sound like miserable activities when it’s cold out. Which is why people stay in much more when it’s cold! Again, this means more quality time for you and your guy.


The snow brings out your playful side

If you’re lucky enough to live in or near some snow, then you’ll probably see your guy’s playful side! Everybody becomes a kid again when there are snow fights to be had, snow men to be made, and sled hills to be conquered. And you and your guy will feel bonded when you get to experience one another’s playful sides.

You’ll help each other beat seasonal depression

If you suffer from mild to severe seasonal depression, you’ll need the emotional comfort of your guy more than ever during the winter months, and visa versa if he suffers from it. The high you get from being around each other will increase tenfold.

Your competitive sides will come out

What do two people do when they’re stuck inside, and have already watched everything on TV? They turn to board games, card games and video games. And a little healthy competition is good for your relationship. For many, it’s an aphrodisiac.

You’ll cook together

Nobody feels like fighting through the cold weather to get to a restaurant, or even driving to get takeout. Plus, ordering in every night gets pricey. Naturally, you and your guy will end up making more meals at home together, meaning you get to spend more time chatting, un-interrupted, while cooking and eating at home.

You’ll finally watch both of your favorite movies

You know that list of your all-time favorite movies that you’ve wanted to show your guy forever but somehow never found the time? Now you have all the time in the world. Or at least the winter. And he can share his favorite movies with you. But you’re not only sharing movies—you’re sharing a piece of yourselves with each other. Those movies say a lot about who you both are as individuals.

You’ll take care of each other

Somebody’s bound to get sick in the winter months, meaning the other person is bound to play nurse. You never forget the first time your partner takes care of you when you’re sick. You get to see how that person is as a caretaker and nurturer.

It’s fireplace time

Everybody loves to have the fireplace going when it’s cold and everyone loves the crackling sound of the fireplace, so much so that they’re willing to turn off the TV to enjoy it! And then you actually get to talk.

Frustrations will make or break you

Cold weather is frustrating. It can cause traffic jams, it can be irritating to stand in if you’re waiting in line, it can even cause power outages depending on how rough your weather is. If you and your guy can get through the frustrations of cold weather happily and productively, you’ll do well together.


Your alcohol gets darker

Forget tequila shots and Coronas. When the sun goes down earlier and it’s cold out, you crave whiskey, scotch, red wine, Baileys—all alcohols that tend to relax you instead of make you want to rage. So you’ll want to cozy up and chitchat, instead of go out and socialize.

The cold is great for “couply” vacations

Summer is the time for party vacations, for all-inclusive resorts in Mexico with ten of your friends and for cruises with all your old college buddies. But the winter is more conducive for romantic vacations, like a cabin in the woods, or at the top of a ski slope.

Your bills will be lower

You’ll be going out less, you might be utilizing that fireplace instead of the heating system, and you’ll be cooking at home more. You’ll probably find your bills to be much lower, which means one less point of tension for your relationship.

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