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To All of the heartbreakers out there,

I’ve always wondered how some of you can be so cold. How you can have a wife here, a mistress there, and 30 side chicks spread everywhere, yet tell someone that you only want to be with them. Does sleep come easy knowing that your promiscuous ways and playboy antics crush hearts and bruise self-esteem, causing pain and bitterness for women who love you more than you love yourselves?

I bet it never occurred to you that you’re dogging another man’s daughter; some other man’s sister, niece, cousin or mother. But when it happens to a woman who’s close to you, you’re ready to bring out the bats and load up your guns. But five minutes later it’s back to Lisa, Pam and Nicky. Using them up and living without a care.

You may not realize it now, but a lot of your indiscretions are being tallied up on the board of life. And once you meet Karma, you’re sure to feel the true wrath of a woman—just like with anything else we do in life, your behavior could come back to you. I’d bet that it will. Maybe when you’re ready to settle down, the woman who vows to love and honor you will milk you for everything that you have and leave you feeling the heartache and pain that you’ve caused so many over the course of your “playa” years. Perhaps you’ll find that the love of your life is as loose as a goose, then the tears that leaked from the eyes of your ex will pool from yours.

Or maybe you’ll get the ultimate payback. A dose of karma in the form of something men treasure the most—a beloved daughter. As fathers, nothing warms the heart more than to lay eyes on a beautiful little girl that they’ve helped to create. Fathers—good ones anyway—pride themselves on protecting their daughters and guarding their sacredness. So what will you do if your little princess grows into the wild and rowdy teen who worries you with promiscuity? Your heart will surely ache when she sprouts into a young woman who experiences the same pain that you once made other women endure. Will you arm yourself with baseball bats and boxing gloves knowing that the young man who broke her heart is a reflection of you? Can you really stomach that the mentality you carry will in turn be the same temperament that hurts something you (will) value most in life? Nas said it best when he proclaimed: “The coolest playas and foulest heartbreakers in the world/God gets us back, he makes us have precious little girls.”

You may not want to believe it, you may not think it can happen, but the games that you play, the lies that you tell, and humiliation that you cause will  come back to you one day. It happens to everyone, man or woman. Whether it’s through your love life, or your future seeds, somehow, someway, you will find yourself on Karma’s receiving end. I just hope that the next time you decide to play with a woman’s heart, you remember that a woman just might do the same to you, or another man might do it to your daughter.

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