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When I first heard rumors that the Houston family had been offered a reality show, just weeks after Whitney Houston passed, I was disgusted at the opportunistic nature of these producers. I mean, was this really the time to be running up behind a grieving family to make money for your network? It seemed tacky to say the least. But I soothed myself with the notion that they, the Houston family, would never accept such a sleazy offer. But alas, I was wrong. Just a few weeks ago, we got a sneak peek of what to expect from the show. To my shock and surprise everybody in the family, from Whitney’s sister-in-law, to her brother, to her mother, Cissy was featured in the preview. And not in the most flattering light, specifically daughter, Bobbi Kristina.

There are several shots where we see that Bobbi is not coping well. It’s unclear whether she’s self medicating or not, but whatever she’s doing, it’s certainly not healthy. Then, as if that weren’t enough, there’s the whole issue of whether or not Bobbi and Nick should get married. And to top all of that off Mama Cissy is in the mix as well, talking about someone, presumably Bobbi, doesn’t like her.

Now, I can’t judge people who decide to participate in reality shows. I’ve never been presented with those type of checks, so I don’t know how hard it is to turn them down. As an outsider looking in though, it would seem that the Houston family needed more time. They needed more time to deal with the fact that their family member, their mother, daughter and sister, was gone. The passing of any close family member has the potential to shake the foundation of a family. The passing of a family member and international icon visibly took a toll on this family. And perhaps I’m old school, but I always believed in handling family business and dealing with family turmoil, privately, within the family. Not that other people can’t learn from that struggle; but make sure you get the lesson yourself before you try to teach it to others. It seemed that filming for the show started shortly after Whitney was buried, before the family even got settled into life without her. And subsequently, no one knew how the family, and specifically Bobbi Kristina, was going to grieve her mother. There are images of Bobbi K. throwing up and being carried out, wrapped up in a blanket. None of it seems like a good look.

If you remember, this is not the first time the Houston family tried their hand at a reality tv show. We all remember the madness that was “Being Bobby Brown.” Though, Bobbi K. was much younger at the time, I still clearly remember her looking and expressing that she the fact that she was “so over” her parents’ antics. From the trailer, Bobbi K is going to be on some of that too. In one of her confessional interviews, she told the camera that her family is rooting for she and Nick’s relationship to fail but they’re going to prove them wrong. We’ll see. However the cookie crumbles for the Houston family, particularly Bobbi, I hope that she doesn’t look back on this decision to participate in this reality show business, at this trying time in her life, with regret and resentment.

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