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I can barely form a complete sentence around the utter disrespect that is the “big announcement” Donald Trump just made today. Everyone (term used loosely) was on pins and needles regarding the news he was said to drop today that would drastically changed the election. Turns out all the hoopla is just a media ploy for this man’s inflated sense of self and another effort to discredit President Obama’s nationality. In short, Donald Trump is attempting to hold the President for ransom.

In the most ridiculous 2 minute and 45 second video I’ve seen in a little bit, Donald Trump essentially told Barack Obama if he submits papers to “his satisfaction” documenting his school records and college and passport applications proving his is American, he would donate $5 million to the charity of the President’s choice. And then he proceeded to set a specific date and time when he expected those papers to be delivered.

Excuse me while I rant for a minute: Who the f&*! are you?!

If this was a skit for the opening of Donald Trump’s reality show “The Apprentice” it might be funny considering what a joke it is to actually engage yourself with that level of entertainment. But we are talking about the elected Commander-in-Chief of our nation being talked to as though he is one of Donald Trump’s employees. I’m sorry, last time I checked President Obama sits in the highest seat of office in the entire country, meanwhile I would simply implore Donald to find a seat anywhere and shut the hell up. The birther argument is tired and played and has no bearing on this election other than to drive home the point black people have seen in flashing lights from day one: some people just can’t stand the idea of a black man with power and no scandalous tale of ascertaining that distinguished position to go with it.

Someone please add Donald Trump to the domestic terrorist list.

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