True Life: I Can’t Trust Him Until…

October 19, 2012  |  

We all know there are a lot of scandalous people out there. People who can spend months, even years putting up a front about who they really are. So the question is, when you get involved with someone, how long should you be dating or seeing each other before you start to trust them.

Tamu: People for me pretty much get full trust from the door…it’s when they start showing reasons for me to distrust that I start giving them the side eye…

Bianca: It definitely varies from relationship to relationship… but as a general rule of thumb, trust your significant other until they give you a reason not to. Especially if you are in a relationship, why become ‘official’ with a person you don’t trust…??

Brenda: I finally learned not to trust people easily…..the hurt i went through was toooo much. ‘yes i was burned but i call it a lesson learned’ 🙂

Courtney: After being hurt really bad I had problems trusting because I trusted them too quickly. And I’m married now and it took the longest for my husband to get me to trust him. I would say it’s a day by day trial.

Jeanette: I usta give my trust out like club flyers…now much like my smiles u have to earn it. Do u do what u say? Do u have n use integrity? Trust is like silence…once its broken…what’s the point. Make em earn it! You’ll be respected more!!

Mary: I can’t start trusting right away. We have got to build a bond and connect first and not physically.

Sharee: I dont get into a new relationship WITHOUT a foundation of trust built FIRST.

Rhonda: For me, I trusted my husband on our first date because he asked me things about myself. No other male had done that before.

Michelle: If I’m honest, I’m skeptical from the start, although I don’t show it.

Darling: I meet my dates at the destinations now. I don’t trust anyone just because, yeah they have to earn it. It’s 2012 folks crazy as hell behind those smiles. I’m not trusting anyone just off the bat.

Tyra: Trust is earned!! You will know the truth about what you earn…my thoughts.

Irene: I generally keep my good eye on everyone. But I also will give you a chance to hang your self.

Vanessa: I don’t trust too soon. These days people are rushing and trying too hard to force a connection and to gain trust when it isn’t earned yet. I can’t trust someone full-heartedly until I get to know them…until then…I want to do just that…get to know them.

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